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The Happier Camper is one of the most versatile lightweight travel trailers available today. Its modular design allows you to customize the interior to your preferences, transitioning from a comfortable couples RV, to a toy hauler, to a pop-up art studio. And the possibilities don’t stop there. We’ve seen owners turn their Happier Campers into mobile bars and businesses too. If you drive an SUV, minivan, or crossover vehicle, it’s likely you can easily tow this lightweight fiberglass camper.

What is a Happier Camper?

Happier Camper is a fiberglass towable travel trailer that comes in four distinct models: HC1, HC1 Studio, HC1 Venture, and Traveler. They also make Adaptiv® system kits for outfitting compatible camper vans. Learn more about the Happier Camper here or check pricing and availability at a Camping World near you.

HC1 Review

HC1 Studio Review

What Owners Love About Their Happier Camper

We canvassed the digital landscape to see what Happier Camper owners were saying about their lightweight, modular travel trailers. Here’s what we found.

They Love the Look and Design

Photo by Camping World

“What I love about my camper…it’s so dang sexy! Ok, I admit I was pulled in by attraction. I was caught up with looks, looks are extremely important to me. But when you have looks and personality, aka tough seamless fiberglass shell, off road package, flexibility of the modular interior, and can sleep 4 comfortably despite its tiny exterior – you’ve got a winning partnership.”

“Loving the @fiamma__official awning! Although looks like Granger is happy to soak up the sun!”

“Check out that solar – makes our boondocking a reality!”

Photo by Camping World

“This back hatch is the perfect way to view the sunrise and a hot air balloon taking flight.”

“And that’s only one side on the HCT. So much room and still so lightweight!”

“Impressive wingspan. HC1 Venture can get business done from three sides with serving bars out the road and curb side and out the rear hatch – that’s awesome.”

They Love the Easy Set Up

Photo by Camping World

“My favorite feature of the Happier Camper has to be the hatchback. I can pull up to a river, a lake, a beautiful view. Open the hatchback, lay there, hang out. I can have meals there and really bring nature in but have the comforts of my camper.”

“Best set up!!!!”

“Loved setting up the camper for our first pop up. There was lots of room to transport all the tables and bins. We got lucky and had a beautiful day to open the windows and hatch, getting the full experience. So many people stopped by to see the camper…I think I may have sold three.”

They Love the Adaptiv® System

Photo by Camping World

“The camper is almost naked! I thought I’d show off this stripped down version of the interior. I was doing a little cooking project out in the orchard. I had the cubes on both sides of the table removed, so that I would walk in and out, and access the table for cooking. The bunks are down into a couch for seating and huddling next to the heater! Mobile kitchen/cooking station for this trip!”

“From this…to this! Swiiiiipe!”

“(Almost) a blank slate…ready to create the ideal layout. Great showcase of the grid Adaptiv system.”

“Being able to change her complete set up in just a few minutes. HC1 Life!”

They Love Its Versatility

versatility-1-happier-camper-03-2023 Photo by Camping World
Photo by Camping World

“With this beauty, I can camp anywhere.”

“You know it’s the best kind of adventure when you had to put the Jeep in 4WD.”

versatility-2-happier-camper-03-2023 Photo by Camping World
Photo by Camping World

“A new highlight…fishing right off the camper. We had a great stay at Long Point Campground, Sabastian, Florida.”

“I love the outdoor bar. I know we have some owners who use their rig for farmer’s markets and for pop up events – feel like this is the most versatile camper on the market!”

“Hmm…should we have gotten the off grid package??”

versatility-3-happier-camper-03-2023 Photo by Camping World
Photo by Camping World

“Friday morning workspace doesn’t get much better than this. Lakefront, blue skies, unlimited vitamin D, and windows/doors wide open…”

“Love the versatility of the Happier Camper HC1. When I’m camping by myself, I can sleep on the bottom bunk, use the top bunk for bags/clothes and other necessities, and leave the table set up for seating. (I’m 5’8” and have plenty of room on the bottom bunk).”

They Love How Easy it is to Tow and Park

Photo by Camping World

“Campground host saw our Happier Camper and said I’ll find a place for you with that tiny camper. He took us to this spot he said only we could get to. It was amazing!”

“Amazing how this tiny camper lets me drag her along for the adventures. I love this little camper. She is also super easy to tow, make turns, and fits anywhere.”

Photo by Camping World

“My versatile fiberglass trailer…so easy to tow in all terrains…so easy to reconfigure…this New Years we pulled in front of our friend’s house ‘cause Safety First’!”

They Love How Easy It is to Clean

“Starting out the new year with a clean camper and getting ready for an upcoming big trip! I love how easy it is to vacuum and rinse the inside and change the layout to make room for guests!”

They Love the Ultralight RV Lifestyle

Photo by Camping World

“The moment you realize how much your life has changed all due to Happier Camper.”

“I cannot explain how much I love camping sunrises.”

“Old Florida at its finest all enjoyed from our Happier Camper.”

Photo by Camping World

“Lazy afternoons at the lake with our Happier Camper HCT and our Solo Stove grill – can’t wait to get back to warmer weather and camping.”

“Camper tailgating – fabulous in every season!”

“Let’s get lost.”

Ruby’s Quick Take on Her HC1

Follow Ruby (aka Adventure Mom) as she provides a quick tour to show you what she loves about her HC1.

Who doesn’t want to be a happier in their camper? But if you’re interested in other lightweight travel trailers, explore these helpful resources:

What do you think about these ultralight, modular travel trailers? Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below.

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