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Pop-up campers or RVs are an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors. Because they’re compact, you can tow them with almost any vehicle. More importantly, they can be less expensive than other types of travel trailers and RVs.

But if you’ve never considered buying a pop-up camper before, you may not be sure where to start looking for one. You might even have questions about what features to look for when you compare them. Let’s walk through some of the best pop-up campers available at Camping World RV dealerships nationwide.

Best Pop-Up Campers

Below is our list of the best pop-up campers available on the market today.  

Forest River Rockwood ESP 1910ESP

Floor plan for 2022 Forest River Rockwood ESP 1910ESP pop-up camper

The Forest River Rockwood ESP 1910ESP is a fold-down pop-up camper that sleeps up to five people and provides basic amenities to make your camping experience a relaxing one. Cooking for your campers is simple with this unit’s three-burner stove and plenty of counter prep space. 

Ample seating at the 40” by 74” dinette means there’s plenty of space at the breakfast table. There’s even an A/C wiring kit to keep you comfortable if you’re camping in the heat of summer. 

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD

Floor plan for the 2023 Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD pop-up camper

Forest River’s Rockwood Freedom 1640LTD is a compact pop-up camper that’s easy to tow thanks to its length of 11.75 feet and dry weight of 1,465 pounds. This model sleeps up to five with two beds and a folding dinette. A carry-out range makes cooking outside the unit easy, but prep and clean-up inside are simple thanks to plenty of counterspace. The unit also has a mini-fridge, so you can keep some food cold.

Forest River Flagstaff High Wall HW29SC

Floor plan for 2022 Forest River Flagstaff High Wall HW29SC pop-up camper

Another excellent Forest River model, the Flagstaff High Wall HW29SC offers plenty of sleeping space for seven people and features a slide-out that provides a place for the whole family to eat. Speaking of eating, preparing dinner for your family and guests is easy, thanks to a gas oven and three-burner stove. There’s even a double sink to make doing dishes easier. And if that weren’t enough, this model even includes a toilet and wanded shower.

Not to be outdone, the Flagstaff HW29SC provides four bays of exterior storage to help keep your campsite organized and clutter-free. Cook on the exterior griddle and enjoy the shade of this unit’s 13’ awning for maximum outdoor entertainment.

Forest River Rockwood High Wall HW276

Floor plan for the 2015 Forest River Rockwood High Wall HW276 pop-up camper

Another high-wall model from Forest River, the Rockwood HW276 is a 14-foot-long pop-up camper that sleeps up to five and provides plenty of dining and entertaining space thanks to its 72×50 dinette and slide-out. Cook a meal inside the camper on its three-burner stove and miniature oven, or use the microwave to whip up a quick meal for the kids.

In addition to ample room inside for cooking, eating, and sleeping, the HW276 offers a toilet and shower. Do you prefer to grill or spend your time outside? Take advantage of the outdoor RVQue gas grill and awning to entertain your guests.

Jayco Jay Series Sport 10SD

Floor plan for the 2016 Jayco Jay Series Sport 10SD pop-up camper

The Jayco Jay Series Sport 10SD is one of the smallest models on our list, but this 10-foot-long camper still has plenty to recommend. Its queen-size and full-size beds sleep four people comfortably, but a fifth guest can spend the night thanks to the folding dinette. This unit also features plenty of interior storage space and a kitchen sink.

One of the best parts of the Sport 10SD is the flooring: There’s no carpeting here, just easy-to-clean hard surfaces. Tracking in mud or dirt is less of an issue when you can simply wipe or mop it away.

Explore all of our Jayco RVs.

Fleetwood Evolution E

Floor plan for the 2006 Fleetwood Evolution E1 pop-up trailer

Fleetwood’s Evolution E series of pop-up campers is built for families who want a mixture of space, features, and affordability. The E1 model is a perfect example of this. This model sleeps up to five people and offers plenty of room for storage thanks to an exterior cargo deck and interior cabinets. 

A portable dinette and galley kitchen make serving meals for your family a breeze. But if things ever feel cramped, you and your fellow campers can relax outside the camper beneath the patio awning.

Starcraft Comet 1224

Floor plan for the 2016 Starcraft Comet 1224 pop-up camper

If you’re looking for a Starcraft model with lots of space, the Starcraft Comet 1224 is a pop-up camper model that sleeps six. Its dinette and slide-out offer ample room for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and the sofa makes entertaining guests a breeze. The Comet 1224 has a king-size bed and a rear queen bed for maximum comfort. A two-burner stove and single sink round out the interior amenities.

On the camper’s exterior, you’ll find an outside shower for easy clean-up after a day at the lake and a roll-up awning to provide shade and protection when relaxing outside.

Starcraft Starcraft

Floor plan for the 2010 Starcraft Starcraft 1019 pop-up camper

Starcraft has long been a leader in the pop-up camper space, and the Starcraft Starcraft is no exception. Floorplans include lengths as compact at 14 feet and as spacious as more than 23 feet. All models weigh between 1,775 and 2,200 pounds without cargo. They provide plenty of space to sit if rainy weather drives you and your guests inside, and the two beds at each end of the camper offer plenty of room to get cozy.

What Is a Pop-Up Camper?

Pop-up campers are RV types that, when folded down, are secure and compact. They usually feature expandable sides and a roof that “pops up.” This provides plenty of living space while camping but keeps things compact when you’re not. Pop-up campers usually include basic amenities such as:

  • Beds
  • A small refrigerator and cooking area
  • Dining table
  • Storage cabinets

Pop-up campers usually sleep between two and six people, and they can weigh as little as 280 pounds. Depending on the size, however, they can weigh as much as 3,700 pounds. 

Do You Want a Pop-Up Camper with a Bathroom?

Believe it or not, some pop-up campers provide bathrooms. Plenty of options do have them, including some of the options on our list.

Types of Pop-Up Camper Bathrooms

Pop-up campers with bathrooms usually provide two options, either portable or permanent.

  • Portable bathrooms: These fixtures usually include a chemical toilet or portable RV toilet.
  • Permanent bathrooms: If a pop-up camper has a permanent bathroom, it’s typically a “wet bath” that features a combination of a shower and a standard flush toilet. Wet bath fixtures are enclosed spaces where all elements are contained within a single, water-tight compartment. They usually don’t have hard walls. Instead, a shower curtain offers privacy and helps keep water from splashing everywhere.

Types of Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers come in several sizes and feature different amenities depending on their size and shape. Most pop-up RVs can sleep anywhere from two to six, although things might feel a little cramped as you add more people.

Tent Trailers

Pop-up tent trailer folded out at a campsite

Pop-up tent trailers are usually compact, lightweight trailers. They feature canvas or vinyl sides and roofs. These collapsible walls allow for easy storage, and they’re some of the most popular options due to their portability and price.

High Wall Campers

High-wall pop-up camper in an RV display roomd

High-wall campers feature tall sides that extend up to around five feet. The walls are usually constructed from vinyl or canvas. High-wall campers tend to offer more space than tent trailers. They’re also great at providing extra comfort because they can block wind, rain, and noise.


People gathered around a pop-up A-frame camper

An A-frame pop-up camper gets its name from the distinctive roofline that forms when the camper is fully open. They provide more interior space than tent trailers and other camping options. Their triangular shape can even provide wind resistance when camping in areas with strong winds.

Pros and Cons of Pop-Up Campers

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of pop-up campers.

Pros of Buying a Pop-Up Camper

  • Affordability: Pop-up campers are less expensive than other types of RVs, making them an accessible option for families and budget-conscious travelers.
  • Lightweight and towable: Pop-up campers are often very lightweight and can be towed by mid-size vehicles, making them easy to transport to campsites. Not sure if your vehicle can haul a camper? Use our tow guide and consult your owner’s manual.
  • Space-saving: Pop-up campers fold down into a compact size for easy storage when not in use.
  • Enhanced camping experience: Pop-up campers can improve the camping experience by providing a comfortable bed, protection from the elements, and a convenient setup and tear-down process.
  • Fuel efficiency: Pop-up campers typically have a lower weight and a smaller size than other RVs, which can lead to better fuel efficiency.

Cons of Buying a Pop-Up Camper

  • Limited space: Pop-up campers are often smaller than other types of RVs and may not provide as much living space or storage for longer trips.
  • Less durability: Pop-up campers are generally built with lightweight materials, which may not hold up well over time in extreme weather or heavy use.
  • Limited amenities: Pop-up campers typically have fewer amenities than other RVs, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or entertainment systems.
  • Maintenance: Pop-up campers require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition, including cleaning, checking for leaks, and ensuring proper function of the electrical and plumbing systems.

Who Are Pop-Up Campers Best For?

Pop-up campers are best for those who want a lightweight camping option that doesn’t require towing a large trailer. They’re also great for families who want extra space and amenities but who don’t need the full size of a travel trailer or fifth wheel camper. If you take weekend excursions or occasional week-long camping trips to a single campsite for an extended period, pop-up campers might be one of the best RV types for you.

Compare Pop-Up Campers for Sale

Pop-up campers provide an excellent entry point for people who want to go a step beyond tent camping but aren’t ready or willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a large RV. They’re a more compact experience, but many of the best models don’t sacrifice quality. In addition to affordability, a good pop-up camper often does not require investing in a heavy-duty SUV or truck to transport it. You can tow with smaller vehicles like mid-size SUVs.

If you’ve never seen a pop-up camper up close and are considering a purchase, visit your nearest Camping World location today. We can answer your questions about all aspects of RV and camper ownership, including convenient RV financing.

You can also shop available pop-up campers online from the convenience of your home. 

Pop-Up Camper FAQs

To round out your knowledge, here are some of the common questions about this type of RV:

Is it worth getting a pop-up camper?

If you’re on the fence about buying an RV or don’t have the towing capacity for a travel trailer, a pop-up camper might be a great option. These compact models have the added benefit of being towable by some cars and mid-size SUVs. If you’re an occasional camper who doesn’t need much space, pop-up campers can be an excellent entry point to RV life.

How much is a pop-up camper? 

Pop-up campers can range in price from $6,199 all the way up to $25,000. What you pay for a pop-up camper largely depends on its age, features, and condition.

What is the highest-rated pop-up camper?

Camping World sells pop-up camper models from many leading brands, including Forest River, Jayco, and Starcraft. Many reviewers and industry experts recommend Forest River brand models for their quality and features.  

Do pop-up campers have showers and toilets?

Some models of pop-up camper do have showers and toilets. Because they’re small, however, these fixtures are often separated from the rest of the camper by a curtain to create a “wet space,” not a full-size room.  

Do pop-up campers have AC and heat?

Some pop-up camper models do have limited heating and A/C options built-in, or they may have the option to add portable heaters. Research the make and model of your pop-up camper before you buy it to ensure it meets your needs.

Do you have any questions about pop-up campers? Share them in the comments below.

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  • Dave Claxon says:

    One pro of a pop-up not listed here is that when camping in late July in a campground without electric hookups to run an air conditioner, the top half of the camper can be unzipped for airflow, reducing, or even eliminating the need for that A/C.

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