5 Blue Ridge Mountains RV Campgrounds You Must Visit


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The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the greatest mountain ranges in the country. They are a part of the Appalachian Mountains and stretch from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The range is home to some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see east of the Mississippi River, and because of this they’re a commonplace for RVers, campers, and other adventurers to visit

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the best ways to see this area. The scenic ribbon of road winds its way along the nearly 470 miles that the mountain range covers. It’s a fun and beautiful drive, and one that every American should make time for at least once in their life. The road is often called America’s favorite drive and for good reason. It’s one of those must-do road trips for any RVer and it rivals anything you’ll see on the coasts or in the Western United States.

Autumn foliage along the Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina
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Taking an RV along the Blue Ridge Mountains is easy and totally worthwhile. While you can certainly do the route in your car if you’re tent camping or staying in hotels, ask anyone who has traveled along the route before, and they’ll tell you it’s the perfect time to explore RV travel. I took this route a few years back and saw several RVs. And, I have to note, that there are tons of Blue Ridge parkway campgrounds or Blue Ridge Mountain campgrounds that will accommodate RVs.

Blue Ridge Parkway Campgrounds

Here are five great choices for camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway when you need a place to stop:

1. Mount Pisgah Campground

Camping in Mountain Campgrounds
Camping in the mountains, such as the Blue Ridge Mountains, is full of adventure. Image: Camping World

Mount Pisgah Campground, located in Canton, North Carolina, is one of the most common stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It offers 70 RV sites with showers, bathrooms, and laundry facilities. That’s plenty of campsites, but with the campgrounds ideal placement in Flat Laurel Gap, it is quite popular, and you should think about making a reservation before you go.

Right at the campground itself, there is plenty to see and do, including checking out the nearby trails with amazing views, dining at the Pisgah Inn restaurant, stopping in the gift shop and camp store, and just truly enjoying the beautiful natural landscape around you.

2. Julian Price Park Campground

2022 Heartland Fuel Drive Along Parkway Campground
A drive along the mountainside, like the Blue Ridge Parkway, is always breathtaking. Image: Camping World

Julian Price Park Campground is in Laurel Springs, North Carolina. It’s the perfect haven for relaxing in one of the most beautiful locations for camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The campground features 68 RV campsites, though amenities aren’t plentiful. There are no hookups at the campground, but there are bathroom facilities and a dump station.

As long as you don’t mind dry camping for a couple of days, the Julian Price Park Campground has plenty to offer. You can rent a boat to go out on the lake, check out the trails and nature walks, and visit one of the performances at the 300-seat amphitheater.

3. Bear Creek RV Park

Biking in the Mountain Campgrounds
Biking is always an option when camping in the mountains, including at Blue Ridge Mountain campgrounds. Image: Camping World

If you want a campground right in the bustling mountain city of Asheville, North Carolina, then you should hit up Bear Creek RV Park. The campground features plenty of paved, full hookup sites for RVers, though it’s always smart to call ahead and reserve your spot. The campground features three bathhouses, two laundry rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi and cable, and a heated swimming pool.

If you’re going to spend any time in Asheville, this is the perfect place to call your home base. You can get a discount on Biltmore Mansion tickets (perfect for a romantic getaway) and all of the city’s fun attractions are just a short trip down the road. Also, the mountains and all the hiking trails you could want aren’t far either.

4. Bear Glenn Mountain Resort and Campground

Fishing at a Mountain Campground
Fishing is always fun when you can do it from a mountain campground, such as a Blue Ridge Parkway Campground. Image: Camping World

Bear Glenn Mountain Resort and Campground, located in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, offers a wide variety of sites for RVers. You can get full hookup sites or not, and the amenities at the campground are extensive, too. There are also high-quality bathroom and showering facilities, a game room, and a playground.

Right at the campground, there are over 13 miles of trails to be hiked, fishing and swimming opportunities, as well as courts and fields designed for all kinds of sports. If you need something less juvenile, the Linville Falls Winery is just a short drive away and so are kayaking and rafting experiences should you choose to do them.

5. Rocky Knob Campground

Driving an RV to a Blue Ridge Parkway Campground
Driving an RV to a Blue Ridge Parkway Campground. Image: Shutterstock

Rocky Knob Campground isn’t quite as large as some of the others on this list, but that’s a good thing if you can secure one of the 28 campsite RV spots. It’s secluded and offers a nice quiet place to be. There are bathroom facilities on-site as well as a dump station and a large campfire circle designed to accommodate 150 campers.

The 3,500-acre Rock Castle Gorge is within the area of Rocky Knob where the campground is located. The Mabry Mill is also located nearby and offers hiking and sightseeing opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re an avid hiker, you must try the Rock Castle Gorge Trail, which is a 10.8-mile loop trail that goes over 3,500 feet above sea level. If you’re not into hiking that much and would like a guide, there are several tours you can schedule in the area.

Add Camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Your Bucket List

Additional Good Sam Campgrounds for Ideal Blue Ridge Mountains Camping

There are plenty of Blue Ridge Mountain Campgrounds to go around. If you try any of the five above and find they’re booked or have already stayed at them and would like to experience something new, try exploring a few of the Good Sam Campgrounds below.

Regardless of where you end up camping along the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’re bound to have a good time. This is one of the must-see areas of the country, and if you can’t get into any of these campgrounds, there are plenty of campgrounds to visit that are still quite nice.

Have you visited the Blue Ridge Mountains? What did you think? Where did you stay? Leave a comment below!

5 Blue Ridge Mountain RV Campgrounds You Must Visit

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