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Our smartphones do a lot more than just keep us in touch with the rest of the world, whether via phone or social media. They’re now loaded with helpful apps that make our lives easier—especially when you’re living like a nomad, on the road in an RV. Here are some must-haves for your next trip.

Co-Pilot For RV Mobile Navigation

navigation for RVS  trip planning app for Rvers

There are plenty of map apps, but Co-Pilot for RV is built just for you. Co-Pilot for RV will calculate your route according to the size and class of your rig. Plan routes with up to 50 stops along the way so you can take in all the beauty of your getaway. And never worry about losing service—or racking up data charges—with offline navigation.

Cost: $39.99


podcasting apps  Anna faris unqualified app

Trust us: eventually, you’re going to get tired of hearing that song 16 times a day. When the radio won’t cut it, turn to podcasts. Podcasts are audio stories produced (usually) specifically for this medium. There are shows on literally thousands of topics, from RVing and camping to finances and folklore. The Podcasts app lets you search, download and play, or stream podcasts. Grow your mind while you take in the road.

Cost: Free


Waze app   Waze app

Think of Waze as social media for drivers (done safely, of course). Waze uses community-sourced traffic updates—from stalled cars to generally thick traffic—to help commuters and road warriors find alternative routes in real-time. Even though you may be in a home on wheels, sitting in traffic is still no fun. But hey: at least you’ll have a bathroom.

Cost: Free


gas buddy app  gas buddy app

If there’s one thing you have to rely on when you live on the road, it’s gas. Without it, your RV isn’t much more than a house, and what’s the fun in that? GasBuddy finds gas prices around your location in real-time and helps you search for the lowest costs. Keep your costs at a minimum and go that much farther!

Cost: Free


allstays app   allstays app

Part of the journey is the destination. Or at least, finding a place to stop, sleep, and make dinner for the evening. AllStays helps you find and filter lists of campgrounds, RV resorts, parking lots, rest areas—even tunnels and inclines—to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your trip. It includes thousands of locations and comprehensive info on each.

Cost: $9.99


roadtrippers app  roadtrippers app

Want to make sure you aren’t missing a thing on your trip? Roadtrippers helps you plan your route so that you’re not just getting from Point A to Point B, but seeing all points in between. Eat at local holes-in-the-wall, find fun roadside attractions, and all of the big national parks and scenic points as well.

Cost: Free


moment app  moment app

We’ve all seen it—some maybe even been guilty of it. Missing out on a beautiful sunrise, or the moment Bill lands the largest muskie you’ve ever seen, or the best joke around the campfire because you’re glued to your phone? They make our lives easier, but they also have a way of distracting us. Moment tracks how much we our phones. You can set daily limits on use, and even force yourself to go enjoy life when you go over. Plus, there’s a family mode, so you can make that family vacation about…you know, the family. (Bonus: this app was created by a full-time RVer!)

Cost: Free


compendium app  compendium app

Another means for finding a campsite, but this one’s run specifically by campers. Campendium has over 50,000 members, all of whom review and vouch for specific sites, and offer helpful feedback—like if one camp, in particular, isn’t conducive for larger rigs. Whether you need all the amenities or simply a free, rustic place to stop for the night, Campendium has a spot for you.

Cost: Free


coverage app  coverage app

As an RVer, you know all too well that there are some places you get cell service and somewhere your phone is only useful for leveling tables. Coverage? lets you overlay maps with the coverage maps from every carrier, so you’ll know exactly where you’ll be able to phone a friend—and where you’ll finally be able to get some peace and quiet.

Cost: $2.99

All of these apps are sure to make your next trip across the country that much better. But what if you don’t have an RV? There’s not an app for that (yet…) but there is our Guided RV Search that will help you find the perfect RV for you.

Did we miss any apps you use on your RV trips? Let us know in the comments below!

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