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Summer’s here and that means we’re never far from water. Long days at the lake are the hallmark of Summertime, and they deserve to be celebrated. Picture it: family and friends are gathering ‘round sharing stories by the fire, tubing behind the boat, eating food fresh off the grill, and playing yard games while the fireflies light up at dusk.

If you’re planning on kicking back at the lake this Summer at a cabin, on the boat, or in your RV, you’ll want to plan for a crowd. Be the talk of the shoreline with these items you’ll need to gear up for the Summer’s best lake party.

Towables and Tubes

Be the ultimate party boat with the watersport towables that have the whole lake pointing and talking. Multi-person tubes are great for large groups and family reunions. Get tubes that hold several passengers, so everyone has the opportunity for a high-speed ride. Whoever can hold on the longest gets to drive the boat!

Lake tubing

Large Smoker

The sun stays up late on long summer days. This provides ample time to tend to a feast. Start smoking meat in the morning so by late afternoon folks will be showing up at your shores. Instead of bland hot dogs, upgrade to savory smoked meats to serve at your party. The Masterbuilt digital smoker makes all day smoking a mostly hands-off experience. A side wood chip loader contributes to the flavor. Monitor the meat’s internal temperature from your phone. A digital internal thermometer maintains an even temperature, great for tender brisket or melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork sandwiches. The four chrome-coated racks are adjustable and have plenty of room to smoke up to 16 chickens, 4 turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, or 8 pork butts. Rest assured, no one will be leaving with empty bellies.

Pit Boss Smoker

Canopies and Shades

For some guests, the best lake parties require little more than a cold beverage and some shade. In fact, kicking back and enjoying a waterfront view with no to-do list looming sounds like a dream. Offer up a few areas out of the sun for those wanting to relax. Canopies with netting keep bugs out and make summertime relaxing all the more enjoyable. Canopies also provide much-needed shade from the harsh summer sun.

Extra Tables

Don’t leave your party guests trying to balance their meal on their knees. Offer enough table seating for everyone. Extra portable picnic tables with benches are an easy way to accommodate a crowd of kids and all their friends. Use picnic tables to set out board games and yard games for some easygoing, hands-off entertaining.

portable picnic table

Extra Seating

Create various lounge areas to foster the perfect communal atmosphere. Give guests options for seating so everyone is comfortable.

Cluster camp chairs around the bonfire for the adults where everyone can recline with a beverage by the warmth of the flame. Alternatively, create a fun lounge area for the kids with hammocks, bean bags, and an aerial mat. Set out yard games to keep all ages entertained and away from their phones. Accommodate the smallest family members with a portable high chair.

rocker recliner

Kayaks and Inflatable Boats

Not everyone loves the high-octane fun of tubing behind the boat. Others like to enjoy the lake at a leisurely pace, paddling in peace. Have a few kayaks or tenders on hand for people to take out at their leisure. Dual seat kayaks are a great option for couples or kids to take out. Inflatable boats won’t take up space in your storage when not in use. If the lake is glassy, everyone will want to take the paddleboards out for a spin.

oru kayak

Insect Control and Bug protection

Nothing is more annoying than buzzing mosquitos when you’re trying to lounge by the lake. Don’t be driven indoors by these pests. You can enjoy the outdoors late into the evening if you prepare right. Try combining several products to repel bugs for the ultimate bug shield. Drape a bug net over your canopy, light the Thermacell patio shield, and pass around REPEL spray.

Thermacell mosquito repeller

Patio Lights

The best parties are the ones with that perfect ambiance. Don’t scrimp on setting the mood. Invest in plenty of patio lights to keep the party going after the sun goes down. Solar lights require no extension cords or power draw. To avoid trips and stumbles, line walkways with rope lighting. For themed parties, like the 4th of July, decorate your patio with red, white & blue lights.

Edison lighting

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