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man and woman resting on the lake in camp chairs

There’s nothing better than sitting around the campfire, sharing stories, songs, and camping memories. But sitting outside can quickly become uncomfortable if your camp chair doesn’t offer enough back support. Don’t allow these precious moments to be cut short. Take a look at some of the industry’s best camping chairs for bad backs.

Camp chairs are designed for portability, but not always for comfort. But some of today’s top camp chairs, however, are optimized for providing rest and relief.   

Whether you’ve spent the day hiking in the mountains, fishing on the lake, or chopping wood at the campsite, your body needs some TLC at the end of a long day spent outdoors. Treat yourself with some of the most comfortable camping chairs. Prevent next-day soreness with comfortable patio furniture the whole family will love. 


Reclining Camp Chair 

Built on a steel frame designed to hold up to 300 pounds, this camp chair is made to last. A strong polyester canvas wraps around a padded seat and back rest. The gentle recline feature allows the lounger to kick back and relaxProp up your feet on a log by the fire while your boots dry. Enjoy a cold or hot beverage kept isolated from the elements by the insulated drink holder.  


Padded Club Chair 

This portable club chair brings the design of the interiors to your outdoor space. The strong polyester fabric makes this camp chair durable and practically indestructible. Cushy padding cocoons the lounger. A footrest allows for the most comfortable setup in recline. With a fluffy blanket, this chair makes for the ultimate cozy fireside piece of furniture. 


Sling Chair 

With a natural scoop back, this sling chair is conducive to a relaxed posture. Allowing gravity to do the work, the sling chair conforms to the back. A mesh fabric provides breathing, perfect for warm-weather camping. A handy zip caddy hangs off the side of the chair, a convenient place to store a phone, book, tablet An assortment of colors makes this camp chair perfect for representing your team at tailgating events.


Big Bubba Camp Chair 

Camp chairs with footrests are really the epitome of campfire comfort. Elevated footrests take the stress off the lower back and relieve tension in the back muscles. A padded headrest allows the neck to relax. With a built-in cup holder, the lounger has everything they need to relax within reach. 


Triangle Lounger Chair 

Go from sitting to napping without leaving your chair. This cushy modular piece of patio furniture has a mattress like texture that allows the lounger to sink in. Set out these modern lounger chairs on an outdoor mat for a bohemian style campsite setup. Aligned parallel to the campfire, this camp chair is best for soaking in the warmth of the fire.  


Padded Zero Gravity Chair 

The name says it all, this zero-gravity camp chair is like being suspended in air. A fully padded chair gives this seat an overall comfy feel. An adjustable reclining position elevates the legs and takes stress off the back. With a sturdy locking feature, loungers need not worry about tipping over backward. The chair comes equipped with a built-in cup holder, as well as a small table for snacks or a book.  

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