The Road to More: Discovering Community in Banff 4619

The RV community is one of the best parts of this lifestyle. These six friends haven’t spent much time together in-person, but the bonds they’ve formed stay strong wherever they are. Join the crew as they chase adventure north of the border on #theroadtomore.

We asked each of these couples to define what #theroadtomore means to them:

Dan & Lindsay McKenzie—@follow_your_detour

For us, #theroadtomore is about getting together with friends to celebrate the unique benefits that the RV lifestyle has brought each of us in our own ways. It’s about telling the story of how RVing has brought us together as friends and bonded us through a similar outlook on life.

We believe that by living with less, we’ve gained more. A life on the road has personally brought us more adventure and experiences. But more importantly, it’s brought us more confidence in ourselves, more connection to each other and nature, more appreciation for our country, and more opportunities than we could have ever imagined.

#theroadtomore is about inspiring others to find their “more” too—whether it’s RVing or something different.

Jon & Nadia Bajuelo—@roamingremodelers

To us, #theroadtomore is the coming together of friends that would never have met if the road hadn’t brought us together.

The road introduced us to Dan and Lindsay and Pete and Jordan. We all realized that although we made a conscious decision to live with less in order to make life on the road a reality, we actually ended up with more. So much more!

We’ve never been lonely because we’ve met more new friends than we ever did before RV life. We’ve never seen more new places. We discovered that there’s more beauty, more kindness, and more opportunity than we could have dreamed.

#theroadtomore is a celebration of all the “more” the road has brought us—above all this great community of friends. Can’t wait to see where #theroadtomore leads us next!

Pete & Jordan Jones—@peteandjordan

This road trip is kind of surreal to us, and it represents so much of the “more” that RV life has given us. When we became full-time RVers just 8 months ago, we expected to experience some of these “mores”—more adventure, more freedom, more time for our marriage, more opportunities. The biggest surprise for us has been the community that we’ve found on the road—and that’s the “more” that we are so excited to be celebrating on this epic road trip to Banff!

It’s kind of crazy to think that this time last year, we hadn’t met either of these couples. Now, because of our life on the road, we’re getting to check off one of our top bucket list items together—all because we each have the freedom and flexibility of full-time RV life.

And our favorite part of it all? By having “less”—less home, less stuff, less fears, less doubts—we’ve gotten to experience way more than we ever could have imagined.

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