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I’ve driven across Ohio many times in my life. It’s a lot longer drive than it looks on the map, especially when you’re driving a motorhome or towing a travel trailer.  Whenever possible, I like to shake things up and add in some fun stops along my way across this mostly flat midwestern state. Luckily, there are plenty of places to do that.

Some of the best come in the form of state parks. While an Ohio state park might not be the first thing you think of when you think an epic weekend adventure, you’ll likely be surprised by what the following parks have in store.

Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills Ohio in winter
Image by Larry Knupp (Getty)

If you visit any state park in Ohio, come to Hocking Hills State Park in the southeastern portion of the state. It’s one of the most unique parks in all of the Midwest and has received national and even international acclaim for its scenery and gorgeous landscape. The park features high cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, and gorges shaded by hemlocks. It’s a wonderland in and of itself, and there are few places that can rival it in terms of beauty.

Activities at the park include all sorts of things from camping and hiking to archery and horseback riding. Camping at the park is pretty easy. There are over 150 campsites that will work for RVs. Most offer electric hookup and nearly 50 are full hookup sites. Call ahead to make the reservation that works for you.

Mohican State Park

If you’re visiting the northern part of Ohio or driving through it, consider stopping in Mohican State Park. This idyllic park is right next to the Mohican-Memorial State Forest, which is over 4,000 acres of beautiful landscape. The park itself is quite beautiful, too, offering beautiful gorges and views and activities along the Clear Fork Mohican River. This area is a great place to stop after a long day of driving and reconnect with nature.

Activities at or near the park include canoeing, tubing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, swimming, and even hunting in the state forest. Camping is a cinch. Mohican State Park offers over 50 full hookup campsites and over 100 other sites, many of which offer at least an electrical hookup. If you want to ensure you get a spot make a reservation ahead of time. Many of the good spots fill up.

Lake Hope State Park

October Color at Lake Hope in Ohio
Image by Larry Knupp (Getty)

Looking for a good spot with a lake? Come visit Lake Hope State Park, and you’ll find everything you could need. Lake Hope stretches around this park, which is made up of nearly 3,000 acres of beautiful landscape. The park is within the Zaleski State Forest, so if you feel the need to get away from the water for a nice long hike through the woods, you can do so very easily.

Activities at this state park include boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, and a whole lot more. You can even go hunting in the state forest if you want. Camping at the park isn’t as easy as the two parks above, but there is still plenty of room for an RV. There are over 140 campsites without hookups and nearly 50 with electric hookups.

What’s your favorite state park in Ohio? Leave a comment below!

Ohio State Parks You Should Stop at for a Weekend


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