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When most people think of Kentucky, they think of bourbon, the Kentucky Derby, and coal mining, but the state has a whole lot more to offer than just those things. It’s home to some of the best recreational and parklands in the whole country. You could spend years in the Bluegrass State and not even come close to seeing it all.

With that said, you can hit some of the state’s biggest and best attractions in a single or a few trips depending on how long you have. If you’re passing through this awesome state or have a weekend or a week to spare this summer, consider getting yourself and your RV to Kentucky for a special one-of-a-kind experience. Here are a few places you have to stop.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is one of the most unique and largest cave systems in the world. Over 400 miles of the cave system has been explored so far. The park offers tours of certain sections of the cave system. This is a great way for tourists to see this amazing underground beauty.

The park itself also offers many other activities, including things like canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and much more. There are plenty of options in the area for camping with an RV. The Beech Bend Campground is one of the more popular ones for RVers and features plenty of amenities and nearly 500 campsites.

Daniel Boone National Forest

Natural Arch Scenic Area At Parkers Lake Kentucky In The Daniel Boone National Forest

With more than 700,000 acres of forest in a 2.1 million acre area of land included in the Daniel Boone National Forest, you would think this gem in the Midwestern state would be more popular nationally. Instead, it seems to be somewhat of a hidden gem known by those in Kentucky and few others.

It’s one of the best places west of the Appalachian Mountains to hike, hunt, fish, rock climb, mountain bike, and do various other outdoor activities. The national forest is one of the best places to see Kentucky’s famous natural arches, beautiful lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

There are various campgrounds for tent camping throughout the forest and dispersed camping is also common. RVers have options in various districts. There are four different campgrounds in the Cumberland District, three in the London Ranger District, and one in the Stearns District.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

Scenic sandy beach with blue water and green trees at a park in Kentucky

While some will list other locations ahead of this unique National Recreation Area, it’s a place that offers some seriously unique experiences and attractions, making it a must-see in the state. One of the most impressive in Land Between the Lakes is the Elk and Bison Prairie, which offers a look at the grassland prairie as it was more than a century ago. Elk and bison roam this 700-acre area.

There’s also a working farm and history museum, planetarium and observatory, and a woodlands nature station. In addition to visiting these special areas, you can fish, geocache, hunt, go boating, hike, swim, and target shoot. There are four different developed campgrounds in the 170,000 acre National Recreation Area. These campgrounds have RV hookups, restroom and shower facilities, bike and canoe rentals. There are also other campgrounds for tent campers and dispersed camping is allowed essentially anywhere.

Do you have any places in Kentucky you think people absolutely have to visit? Leave a comment below.

Must-See Locations in Kentucky for RVers

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