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Camping World continues the new year on the road with the Ultimate RV Show National Tour — an event bringing everything you expect and love from an in-person RV show , including exclusive show pricing, directly to you via on-demand and live-streaming content.

We enter week eight (Feb. 18-20) of our National Tour and, despite being past the mid-point, we’re celebrating by traveling to the mid-point of America: The Midwest Region.

Register online and join us at the show virtually. Or, hop in the car and check out all there is– waterfalls, rivers, forests, lakes – to explore in this region. Banish any preconceived notions you have of the Midwest as a cornfield paradise of “flyover states.” We’ll be enjoying the show in the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Kansas

Feel free to stop by and see us in-person at any of our Ultimate RV Show stops! While we’re posting up in the Midwest Region, here are some of our must-see locations.

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Illinois 

  • Camping World of Chicago – 27794 N. Darrell Rd., Wauconda, IL
  • Camping World of Colorado Springs – 6830 Bandley Dr., Fountain, CO
  • Camping World of Rockford – 6135 All World Way, Roscoe, IL
  • Camping World of Springfield – 2371 Chuckwagon Dr., Springfield, IL
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of DeKalb – 350 West Lincoln Highway, Cortland, IL
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Marion – 2480 Blue Heron Dr., Marion, IL

The land of Lincoln is home to some fantastic parks and destinations that would make the 16th president proud. One such location is Starved Rock State Park. Between its lush forest (great for hiking trails), the Illinois river (a haven for kayaking and boating), and the canyons, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re only an hour and a half outside of Chicago.

Starved Rock State Park
Image from Getty

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Iowa

  • Camping World of Council Bluffs – 2802 South 21st St., Council Bluffs, IA
  • Camping World of Cedar Falls – 7805 Ace Place, Cedar Falls, IA
  • Camping World of Davenport – 14040 110th Ave., Davenport, IA

“Peak” might not be the first (or even fifteenth) word that comes to mind when you’re asked to describe the landscape of the Midwest. But, that’s exactly what you’ll find at Pikes Peak State Park. Pikes Peak State Park is located in northeastern Iowa along the Mississippi River (which acts as a natural border between it and Wisconsin). Enjoy plenty of hiking and scenic overlooks, bicycling, and views that are well worth the trip.

Peaks Pike Iowa
Photo by Yinan Chen

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Missouri 

  • Camping World of Kansas City – 3001 NE Jefferson Rd., Grain Valley, MO
  • Camping World of St. Louis – 220 E. Pitman Ave., Wentzville, MO
  • Camping World of Springfield – 373 E. Evergreen Rd., Stafford, MO
  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Columbia – 8877 Interstate 70 Dr., NE Columbia, MO

Sometimes, RVing means getting back *on* the beaten path and touring some of America’s most well-known cities. That time comes courtesy of Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Its namesake, the Gateway Arch, was selected to be constructed as a symbol of Westward Expansion. But, today it also symbolizes American prosperity and opportunity as a whole. Visit the museum to learn more about America’s quest out west. Go up in the Arch for views of the city of St. Louis and beyond, and take a riverboat cruise for some unique angles of the Arch and the city.

Gateway Arch National Park
Image from Getty

Find the Ultimate RV Show National Tour Stop near you in Kansas

  • Gander RV & Outdoors of Wichita – 3928 S. Oak St., Wichita, KS

There’s no place like home, and no state like Kansas. Case in point: Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area. This nearly 20,000-acre nature preserve is home to mammals and birds, reptiles and amphibians. Go on a guided tour to learn about (and catch a glimpse) of these residents. You can also, with the right paperwork, do some hunting for game like white-tailed deer, pheasant, snipe, rail, and quail.

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Preserve
Photo by Raymond M. Coveney

Register online and join us at the show virtually for more exclusive show content, interviews, and limited time deals.

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