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Rhode Island is a little state with a lot of big things to do. It’s full of excellent parks, wildlife areas, and beautiful cities and harbors.

Some of the best places to visit when you’re camping in this state are the state parks. There are plenty of them in this little state and if you can’t camp in the park there’s usually a campground close by. Here are some of the best state parks in Rhode Island

Brenton Point State Park

Rocky beach of Brenton Point State Park in Rhode Island
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This unique part sites on what used to be one of Newport’s most impressive estates. The park is located right on a point of land that separates the Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic. It’s midway on the Ocean Drive route.

You can picnic, hike, fish, or just hang out and enjoy the beautiful views at this park. There are plenty of campgrounds located near the park, too. Paradise Park is close by and so is Second Beach Family Campground. Both are a short drive away.

You can enjoy Brenton Point during the day and then head back to the campgrounds in the evening and dine in the fantastic city of Newport.

John L. Curran State Park

This hidden gem of a park covers 332 acres of forested land that offers some of the best views of nature in the Eastern United States. There are two ponds, agricultural land for public gardening, plenty of hiking opportunities, and the availability for picnicking and fishing.

There’s not camping right at the park, but you should be able to find an area near to park your rig or pitch your tent. The nearest campground is Waters Edge Family Campground.

It’s a short drive from the park and is perfect for you if you also have a boat. It’s located right on Johnson’s Pond and is a water-lovers delight.

Colt State Park

Thick clouds drift over Narragansett Bay at Warwick, Rhode Island on late afternoon in January
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Comprised of 464 acres of beautiful lawns, stone walls, and curvy drives, Colt State Park is one of the most beautiful seaside parks out there.

Located right next to the historic town of Bristol, this park is a perfect getaway when you need to spend some time in nature. The park is open year-round and offers four miles of biking trails and plenty of areas to roam and picnic.

The closest campground to this park is the Melville Ponds Campground. It is located to the south of Colt State Park and Bristol and is a great place for families to camp.

What are your favorite parks in Rhode Island? Leave a comment below!

The best state parks in rhode island

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