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Christmas in an RV

It’s the most wonderful time of year to create a cozy RV bursting with Christmas cheer.

Decorating your rolling home is such a fun seasonal activity. Whether you’re decorating for Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah, or the 4th of July, there’s never a wrong time to get festive with interior decoration.

However, RVs can quickly become cluttered and kitschy if you’re not careful. To be fair, there’s something charming about the corny décor that harkens back to leg lamps and “A Christmas Story.” Everyone seems to love an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, which evokes that same over-the-top sentiment. If flash and splash are your thing, make like the Griswolds and get to decking out your RV in dazzling lights.

But if you’re living in your RV full time, or celebrating the season in it seasonally as a snowbird, you’ll want decoration that’s easier on the eyes. Try our tips below for tasteful decorating this season to keep your RV feeling open, merry, and bright.

It’s All About the Lighting

In my opinion, white Christmas lights make a warm addition to an RV’s interior any time of year. But at Christmas, these tiny twinkling lights add extra seasonal sparkle. Use battery-powered LED twinkle lights around your RV interior. Be creative and don’t be afraid to move them around to find just the right ambiance.

LEDs are Your Best Friend

Speaking of lights, gone are the days of hot incandescent lights. Upgrade to LED lights for a more energy-efficient lighting addition. Try solar-powered LEDs to go off-grid. Many LED candles and lights are remote-controlled, allowing you to alter the intensity of the glow from the comfort of your chair.

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Display Holiday Cards On Ribbon

If you’re full-timing in your RV or hunkered down somewhere for the season escaping the snow, perhaps you have a semi-permanent address. If so, don’t forget it’s Christmas card season. Give out your new address to friends and family and anticipate new holiday cards on the daily. As these warming salutations arrive, use miniature clothespins on a reel of festive ribbon to add personality and hominess to your RV interior. This is the perfect way to feel closer to faraway loved ones at this time of year.

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Swap Out Throw Pillows

The key to tasteful RV Christmas decoration is not to add to what’s there, but rather replace your regular decoration with a holiday version. Have a piece of art hanging on the wall? Swap it for a framed winter-themed print. Replace your ordinary tea towels with festive ones. Swap your everyday throw pillows with a version reserved just for this time of year. Soon enough, your RV will have little touches of holiday décor without feeling overdone, cluttered, or gaudy.

Christmas Camper Pillow at Camping World
Christmas Camper Pillow at Camping World

Keep It Natural

This tip may come down to personal taste, but didn’t we all get an RV to experience more of the outdoors? Bring the outside in, with your RV Christmas decoration. Use natural flora and fauna in your camping location to create a local bouquet for your picnic table. Create a wreath from leaves and acorns to hang from your RV door. Check out our Fall Crafts to Do at the Campground for more nature decorating ideas.

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Go Small, or Go Home

When it comes to RV decorating, the Christmas tree may be the biggest dilemma. Literally, trees take up space, and in an RV or camper, that’s precious territory. Instead of sticking to a traditional-sized tree, shrink your thinking. Try a tabletop tree on an unused side table. If you absolutely must have a tree, consider a skinny tree that can fit in tight corners. Always measure your space before selecting a tree, and have a plan for keeping it secured when you’re in transit.

Opt for a Garland, Instead of a Tree

Instead of a tree, try decorating with a garland. Fresh garlands look lovely framing a slideout or draping over window treatments. They also provide the satisfying fir scent of Christmas, without the hassle of a real tree. Some garlands are hefty enough that they’ll hold ornaments; another way to display your decoration in an atypical way.

Interested in reimagining what your RV could look like this holiday? Camping World Design Centers exist to help RVers plan and complete interior design projects, including themed or seasonal decor upgrades. Explore what options might be perfect for your interior setup and make your camper feel like home — after all, there’s no better place to be for the holidays.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your RV for the holidays? Tell us below!

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