Enjoying All the Outdoors Offers: An Interview With Zach & Mary Phillips 1680

A big part of the outdoors is the activities you can do out there. Notably, hunting and fishing are huge draws for many outdoor enthusiasts.

This is true for Zack and Mary Phillips who have made the outdoors and hunting and fishing a major part of everything they do. The couple has built a name for themselves in their home base of Nashville, Tennessee. But they’re known all across the country for their work doing videos and hosting events for a variety of projects, including Outdoor Channel TV’s Country Outdoors tour.

Enjoying Their Passions Through RVing

The couple came to RVing through the things they love to do, like hunting and fishing and shooting videos of all sorts. The RV allows them to live the mobile lifestyle that they want to and provides them with a way to easily bring along everything they need for the activities they want to do.

They said that it makes taking the dog much easier and makes staying in the most amazing places in the country as simple as pulling up and parking your RV.

Country music is a big part of their lives too, and that often means a lot of traveling. Having space and for all of their things and slowing down a bit helps the couple live life at their own speed and truly enjoy all of the places that they visit.

No Hotel or Airbnb Needed

Mary said that with their lifestyle, they travel a lot and she was just very tired of constantly going to hotels and Airbnbs. The RV made a lot of sense for that reason.

What surprised her about the RVs was the fact that they were far more luxurious than she expected. Also, Zack and Mary both mention how much they love their toy hauler. As hunters it allows them to take along their ATV and their dog, which are two things that they really wanted to take on the road with them.

In terms of the ATV, they get a vehicle that will take them right to the hunting spot that they want to be at. It literally leaves the RV and you ride to your hunting spot. Everything is right there, and the convenience of the toy hauler is key for them.

Gear Matters, Too

Zack and Mary noted that hunting and fishing gear is important if you’re out there. You can’t hunt or fish if you don’t have the gear to do it.

Not only is it smart to get the right gear for the task at hand, but you also need a place to have that gear when you’re not using it. the RV solves this.

Zack and Mary both noted Camping World’s wide selection of gear and clothing available. “It’s awesome. There’s something for everyone,” Mary said.

Zack and Mary are out there living the lifestyle they love, and we highly encourage you to check out Outdoor Channel TV’s Country Outdoors tour and Zack and Mary’s work.

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