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The holidays are fast approaching and that means a number of things. Chief among them for many people is that you’ll be doing some gift giving to your friends, family, and significant others. Another important part of this season is football games. And where there is football there are tailgaters.

Chances are, someone in your friend or family group is a tailgater, and why not get that person something that they will truly use? With that in mind, here are some of the best gift options out there for the tailgater in your life.

Weber Q 1200 Portable Gas Grill

weber portable grill

Get one of the best names in the grilling industry for your tailgater! this Weber Q 1200 Portable Gas Grill has everything you could need for a fun day spent outdoors with friends and family tailgating it up. The grill features 189-square-inch cast iron grate and it has a built-in thermometer so you can make sure you’re cooking at precisely the right temperature. Making great food at the game has never been easier.

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Coleman RoadTrip Classic Grill

If the Weber grill shown above just isn’t quite what you’re looking for, turn to this Coleman RoadTrip Classic Grill. It’s a camping favorite that also happens to work wonderfully for tailgating. The grill features a large 285-square-inch cooking area and 20,000 BTUs of cooking power. It also comes with a five-year limited warranty.

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Perma Chill 50 Quart Cooler

You have to have a way to store your food and beverages at the game, and the Perma Chill 50 Quart Cooler is the perfect way to do just that. With 12.5 gallons of space, you should have all the room you need and this cooler will keep ice frozen for up to seven days, which is way more than anyone ever will need tailgating.

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Adventurer Director’s Chair

Looking for a good basic chair for tailgating purposes? The Adventurer Director’s Chair is one of the best. It’s built strong and offers a comfortable design. it also has a small side table and cup holder. This makes it perfect for enjoying some hamburgers and a cold beverage while you’re hanging out at the game.

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XL Deluxe Zero Gravity Recliner

Some folks who tailgate like to move around a lot and others like to lounge. Honestly, I fit in the latter category. I’m all for having fun, but I’ll be more comfortable in a recliner than a typical chair. That’s why the XL Deluxe Ze3ro Gravity Recliner would be my go-to pick for tailgating.

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Black Sierra Doublewide Padded Sofa

A doublewide sofa is perfect for tailgating. Few tailgate alone and that means you either have to buy a couple of chairs or you should get one of these sofas. It will comfortably seat two people and on either side is a cup holder. It also folds up and can be put away easily when the day is done.

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Football Bean Bag Toss Set

No day spent tailgating would be complete without a bean bag toss set or a cornhole set, as I like to call it. This football Bean Bag Toss Set in particular is perfect for tailgating because of its design that looks like a football field. The bean bags, too, keep with the football theme, looking like actual footballs.

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American Football Field Outdoor Mat

While stepping out of your RV or vehicle onto the grass is fine most of the time, having a mat or rug outside can help keep you from getting your RV or vehicle dirty. That’s where an outdoor mat like this American Football Field one will come in handy. The design is simple and it’ll get the job done.

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Portable Picnic Table with Benches

You need to have at least one table while tailgating. This Portable Picnic Table with Benches is a super smart choice. It gives you seating and a table to work with. The benches fold up and under the table when not in use so everything is extremely compact.

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Original Quik-Fold Table

Is the picnic table shown above a little too big for you? If so, the Original Quick-Fold Table is a good alternative. It can be used as an end table, a table for eating at, or a good little table next to the grill. It’s the table’s versatility that makes it so special and worthy of the tailgater in your life.

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What do you want to get the tailgater in your life? Leave a comment below!

Camping World's gift guide for the RV tailgater in your life

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