Life on the Road // Crazy Family Adventure Episode 6 2840

Continuing on their five-month trek up the West Coast, Crazy Family Adventure stops in San Francisco. There the family crosses the Golden Gate Bridge, visits the Bay Area Discovery Museum, Google Headquarters, Land’s End, Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods National Monument, and much of the city.

You can watch the rest of Crazy Family Adventure’s Life on the Road series by clicking here.


  1. San Francisco, on our way to Oregon to Los Angels we crossed the Golden gate bridge and once we reached the south end of it I was surprised to se a flash. A few weeks later after I had arrived to home base we got a letter in the mail. To our surprise The Golden gate bridge is a TOLL bridge. And they sent me the bill. Paid it on-line, I think it was $6.00 or something like that. So be awair.

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