Why an RV Windshield Shade Is a Smart Accessory to Keep in Your RV 2964

The sun is a beautiful and wonderful thing. It can also be damaging and horribly hot. The sun can take its toll on even the best-maintained RV out there. That’s why you might want to think about getting your RV a windshield cover. An RV windshield cover is a simple accessory that can help keep your RV in good condition and comfortable while it’s parked.

Why Get an RV Windshield Shade?

RV without a windshield sun shade

Excessive amounts of sunlight pouring in your RV’s windshield can cause your dashboard and other areas of your RV to fade quickly or even dry out and crack over time. Obviously, fifth-wheels and travel trailers don’t have to worry about this much, but any motorhome can use a windshield shade to help protect your RV’s interior.

An RV windshield shade can also add a level of privacy that you may not otherwise have. Yes, many RVs come with privacy curtains, but not all. This can mean that a windshield shade can help keep you feeling more comfortable from a privacy standpoint.

Speaking of comfort, a windshield shade will also help keep your rig cooler. The sun can beat down on your RV and its heat will dramatically warm up your RV if you don’t have a cover. This can make keeping your RV more comfortable in those hot summer months easier.

What Should You Look for in an RV Windshield Shade?

Rv windshield shade for the sun

When it comes to finding the right RV windshield cover for your rig, start with the type of RV you have. A shade or cover that’s designed for a Class A motorhome will not work on a Class C. So, look for one that’s the right design.

Next, you should look for a cover that’s designed to last. Read through the product description and the reviews. These two things will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Generally, you’re looking for a heavy-duty vinyl shade or cover. If you’d like you can look for one with removable panels that will provide some protection but still let in light.

You also need to think about how it attaches to your RV. Many shades go on the outside of the unit, though there are sunshades that fit inside of your rig like is common with car sun shades. These are made of reflective material with usually a foam in the middle. All you really need to worry about here is that they’re large enough to cover your full RV windshield.

If you’re thinking of an outside cover that provides shade, then you need to find one that either straps down or has magnet fasteners.

Avoid anything that requires you to drill into your RV or alter it in any way. The shade should be an addition to your RV not an alteration.

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Why an RV windshield shade is a smart accessory to keep in your RV

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  1. We have a 2004 Four Winds Chateau Class C. Our dawg always wants to be looking out the windows, and I couldn’t keep her out of the cabin when we parked. However, when I bought a wrap-around windshield cover, this eliminated THREE problems for us, Number 1, dawg didn’t want to be jumping over our child gate to go in the cabin looking out of the windows anymore, and number 2, privacy is better, and number 3, the a/c and heater work much better now, AND keeping the sun off the dashboard and seats is a definite plus. I would HIGHLY recommend you invest in one. You will be very happy with it.

  2. Great information! We used ADCO 2407 White Class C Ford Windshield Cover on our Ford 2018 E-450 motorhome. It fits very well and we had no problem putting it on. Fits over the corner on each door so it cannot be stolen. There is Velcro to keep the cover snug around each side mirror. Very good quality and priced very reasonably.

  3. Thank you for providing this information. I am looking for good RV Windshield Covers for my RV. This post will help me a lot.

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