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Make Sure You Do A Walk-Around

Here are some things you need to avoid doing before you set off. One of the best ways to ensure your RV stays in good condition is to do a walk around before you leave. This includes checking for any patio furniture or outdoor decor you may have left behind.

Not Bringing in the Awning Before Moving

This may seem crazy, but it happens. Awnings are not rigid structures and cannot slide through tree branches or walls and remain intact.

Leaving the Steps Out

One time my father irritated a lot of construction workers on the Kansas City turnpike by leaving the steps out on the motorhome. Must have knocked down 50 cones.

Leaving the Antenna Up

This is much more common than you might think, and let’s face it, the antenna or your dish is not easy to spot from the ground. Make a physical note and tape it onto your steering wheel reminding you to bring in the antenna. It seems silly, but it won’t be when you see the cost of replacing an antenna or a satellite dish.

Forgetting to Disconnect

Water, electrical, even the black water hose all need to be disconnected. Pay mind to all of them. Remember, errors are costly and we are confident that you’d rather spend your money on camping than on repairs. With this, you should do the first check before you think about moving and a double check on your final walk-around.

Leaving the Jacks Down

What type of RV jacks are you using? Are the jacks up? You’ll find out faster than you like if you try to pull out with the jacks intact. Leveling is super-important for comfortable camping. Leveling without jacks is impossible, and replacing jacks is expensive.

NOTE – if your jacks are hydraulic, that’s great, but take a look at them before you motor them up. Make sure the jacks aren’t buried in the muck and therefore straining the motor as they attempt to retract. Clearing the area for easier retraction will reduce wear and tear on your motor.

Not Knowing or Monitoring the Height of Your RV

Do you know the height of your RV right off the top of your head? Including the air conditioning unit? You really should. Not all of us have teardrop campers after all. It’s best to know because trees do not grow uniformly and not every bridge is the same height.  Speaking of air conditioning, be sure to check out our page on rv ac units over here at Camping World.

Backing Up Without a Spotter

Chances are you are traveling with others, but even if you are on a solo tour, check around for someone in the campground who can be your spotter. Too many obstacles pop out from the middle of nowhere to wreck your RV.

Having No Knowledge of Your RV’s Weight

The most important weight is the wet weight, aka what the trailer can weigh totally loaded. You’re not going camping without stuff. While you should not haul around a trailer loaded to the gills with liquid, water weighs 8.334 pounds per gallon, do keep some water in your tanks.

All campgrounds are not the same. You may end up in a spot where you need extra torque from your tow vehicle’s engine to get motoring.

If you do a quick walk around and take heed of these tips, you should have no problems.

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