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Every RVer needs to have a plan in the event of a flat tire or a blowout. Often this means a spare tire that you can put on your RV when it’s needed. But is your RV’s spare ready for action? When was the last time you looked at it? Do you have a spare tire cover for it?

If the answer to these questions is a mystery to you, then you need to take some time to check on your RV’s spare. Make sure it’s in good condition, properly inflated, and covered with a spare tire cover. A cover may seem like a small or unneeded thing, but it’s actually quite important. Here’s why.

Tire Covers Protect from Harmful UV Rays

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We all know that the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to our skin, but those same rays can wreak havoc on the condition of your spare tire (or really any of your tires) over long periods of time. Tire compositions can dry out. This happens most often when tires are exposed to prolonged sunlight.

A dried out, cracked, or dry rotted spare tire isn’t going to be very useful. It may get you where you need to go, but it may fail you before you get there. Putting a tire cover on your spare will help ensure it doesn’t get damaged too much by UV rays.

Tire Covers Protect from Road Debris

Even if you’re not worried about UV rays, it’s smart to put a tire cover on your spare. Why? Road debris. When you’re out driving around, there’s a lot of dirt, grime, and other debris flying around.

It’s very unlikely that any of this stuff will do immediate damage to your tire, but prolonged exposure to these conditions can have a negative impact on the condition of your spare. A cover will hide your spare from all this nastiness and give you a clean and ready-to-go tire when you need it most.

Tire Covers Protect from Weather

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Tires are pretty resilient, but a lot of inclement weather over time can have a negative impact on the condition of the tire. A spare tire cover will protect your RV’s spare from many of the negative effects of rough weather.

Rain, sleet, snow, hail, debris kicked up by the wind and more can, over time, cause damage. Get a tire cover and you have some protection.

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How RV tire covers can keep your spare in good condition

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