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Keeping moisture levels in check inside your RV is an important part of ownership. Moisture in an RV isn’t a good thing. First off, it will make your RV feel cold and damp. You want it to be warm, dry, and inviting.

Another reason to do your best to keep moisture levels low is so that mold and mildew don’t develop.Excessive amounts of moisture can also rot wood and cause metal and other materials and components to corrode or rust. All of these things are bad.

You don’t have to get the air dry as a bone, but make sure to take steps to reduce the moisture levels inside your RV.

Ventilation Is Key to Expelling Moisture

Camper Van Clear Glassy Roof Vent. Air Circulation in the Motor Home.

In an RV, you likely know how important fans and windows are. They take out or let in air. When it comes to moisture this is especially important. The better you can ventilate your RV, the better off you’ll be. Use any vent fans your RV has to expel moisture in the air.

When you’re in the bathroom or cooking is when it’s most important. Boiling water or taking a shower, for example, will put a lot of moisture into the air. Vent fans can help move that moisture outside. Opening a window often has a similar effect, but you might not always want to do that, depending on the weather.

Make sure you have screens for all your windows. That way you can open them up and let a breeze blow through. This will help keep humidity down, and the interior of your rig comfortable.

If you need to, consider getting a dehumidifier. There are small ones that can work well in an RV. I have to note, though, that most dehumidifiers use a lot of energy, so make sure your power source can handle it.

Avoid Doing Things That Cause Lots of Moisture

Water dripping in front of RV

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the easiest ways to keep the interior of your RV dry and comfortable. First off, consider cooking outside. If your RV has an outdoor kitchen, utilize it. If it doesn’t, consider getting a good portable grill.

If that won’t work or you don’t want to cook on a grill, think about trying to cook over a campfire. While you probably won’t want to do this all of the time, it can be a fun experience and a great way to cook a meal.

Another good way to keep humidity and moisture levels down is to take shorter or colder showers. Hot showers contribute a lot of steam to the air, and that can bring up the moisture levels inside your rig.

A good bathroom ventilation fan should handle the majority of the moisture, but trying to be conscious of it and reducing the length of your shower or the heat of the water can help considerably. It also uses less energy and water, which is a smart thing to do while camping. Still overheating? Check out how to cool down and save money by cutting down your AC usage. 

How do you manage the moisture levels in your RV? Leave a comment below!

Keeping moisture out of your camper and why it's important

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