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Let’s be honest. Most of the RV decor isn’t very attractive. It always seems about 10 years or so behind the curve. Even the newest RVs can not have the most attractive interior decor. That’s why many people choose to update their RV interiors.

You should. You want to make your home on wheels as comfortable as possible and the way the interior looks will change how you feel about it. One of the best ways to transform an RV’s interior is to change the window treatment. Many RVs come with something from the factory, but there’s no reason you have to keep that.

Here are some ideas that will help you transform your RV’s interior look through a new treatment for the windows.

Window Valences

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I have yet to see a window valence in an RV from the factory that truly impressed me. Some are pretty good, but you can always update these and really alter the look of your interior. If you want to bring some color to your RV, then this is a great place to do it without doing extensive amounts of work.

Valences go over the top of the window and are a simple addition you can make. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can always make your own if you feel that none of the pre-made options out there for sales are for you.

Window Curtains

Curtains are another way to change things up. Generally, I think if you’re going to change the valences, then you should change the curtains, too. If you go with a bright color on the valences, consider doing the same for the curtains. If it’s too much, then maybe you go for a simple white or off-white curtain on your windows.

If your RV has a couple different rooms, then consider having different curtains in different rooms. This will help make the different rooms feel like truly separate places. When you have to same colors and curtains throughout the RV, it can feel boring and like the same space. Breaking things up with color is a good way to give yourself separation between rooms.

Window Blinds

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Not a fan of curtains? You’re not alone. Plenty of people prefer blinds over curtains. If you’re one of them, then it’s important to note that there are tons of options for blinds, too. Don’t think you need to stick with whatever came on your RV when you purchased it.

You can go with a wide variety of colors or a natural wood if you want something that feels a little more natural. The choice is yours. If you combine new window valences and blinds you can totally transform the look and feel of the interior of your RV.

For more ideas regarding window treatments and all things design-related, stop by Camping World’s Design Center. With over 46 locations nationwide, Camping World Design Centers have Design Specialists that help RVers plan and create custom interior design projects, including window makeovers, unique to their RV. Explore what options might be perfect for your interior setup today!

What changes have you made? Leave a comment below! And, if you’re looking for new window treatments, check out Camping World’s selection online!

How different window treatments can transform your RV's interior

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  1. I kept our valances and side curtains in the rv (and we have neutral folding shades). In the bedroom and bunkroom, I added full curtains to all windows, but in the living/dining/kitchen area, I added home sewn tiebacks to the side curtains. Since we replaced the pleather sofa that came with the rv, I used the same fabric that is on the replacement sofa to make the tiebacks. That and some purchased throw pillows transformed the whole look, and gave us a much needed accent color throughout.

    1. Hi Suzanne, it sounds like you’re making the most of the space. Excellent point about the throw pillows. They can really do a lot to change the look of the interior!

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