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So you want to go RVing. Perfect. Yet you feel the need to not only hike every nature trail you possibly can but on occasion ride some trails. Are you that kind of outdoor adventurist?

You’ve got the gear—mountain bikes, ATVs, even a motorcycle to do some serious road touring in the wide-open country. Well, in order to take all of those toys with you, you may need to utilize a toy hauler to move your toys in a safe, effective manner by strapping them down using D-rings set into the frame commonly found in most toy haulers.

What Kind of Toy Hauler?

A key question. Naturally, if you are to choose a towable toy hauler… wait there are motorhomes that haul toys? Yes. A few of them are out there, notably the Thor Outlaw Class A and Class C. If you are a full-time RVer and can’t bear to leave your toys garaged at home, then these may very well be worth a look.

However, most of us action-oriented campers will opt for a towable toy hauler, either a travel trailer or fifth-wheel. Both of them effectively have two types of toy hauler: open garage or enclosed garage.

Open simply means the garage area doubles as another function, most likely the living space and/or additional sleeping space. Enclosed can certainly be used as additional sleeping space for chances are the garage will have at least a pair of flip-fold sofas if not a drop-down queen bunk. But for the enclosed garages, the main living area is sealed off from the garage space via a wall and a swinging or sliding door.

Are You Taking Gas-Powered Toys?

RV toy hauler fifth-wheel for dirt bikes

Enclosed garages can be more important if the toys you plan on hauling around the country are dirt bikes, motorcycles or anything else that has an engine and therefore has gasoline and oil involved. While you certainly can move gas-loving toys around in an open garage, it’s always nice to keep the fumes away from the rest of your RV’s interior.

Adding on to gas-powered toys, one option to consider is to acquire a toy hauler having a fuel tank as standard equipment. For instance, every Heartland Fuel fifth wheel (where did they come up with that name? Duh.) comes with a 30-gallon fuel tank.

How Nice are These Toy Haulers?

Aside from some of them being downright luxurious like a home, the beauty of toy haulers doesn’t end with the ability to haul your fun-seeking self and your goodies across the country. Most toy haulers, especially the fifth wheels with enclosed garages, have non-skid flooring that is easily washable and oil/gas resistant.

This is important as with frequent camping you’ll want to keep the RV interior as clean as possible. Plus, if you do have guests who will be sleeping in the garage area, they’ll thank you too.

How Versatile are Toy Haulers?

As far as toy hauler styles, some unique toy haulers have side ramps that are super convenient but can only carry a single motorcycle or a fleet of mountain bikes.

Others have garage space reaching up to 20 feet so you can take pretty much whatever you want – provided you don’t go over the RV’s carrying capacity.

Are Toy Haulers Just for Toys?

table and seating inside a toy hauler garage

Absolutely not. The point of a toy hauler is the available open space and what you as the outdoor enthusiast want to with it. If you’re an avid hunter or fisher, it can be very convenient to haul your gear, and game, in the garage area of your RV.

If you work on the road, you can convert the garage space into a workspace. Potter, painter, playwright, whatever work you do, you’ll have the space to set everything up in your mobile office. Hey, if you want to paint, what a better idea than to open up that back ramp, see the gorgeous sight, and immediately set your brush to canvas.

Can You Do Anything Else With a Toy Hauler?

Party time! A lot of toy haulers have a rear ramp with fold-out railings. The ramp can be propped up, railings slide into position and suddenly you have a party deck or an outdoor platform. With the garage area, you have plenty of space to take along some nice folding chairs and party or play in the open air.

So, depending upon your activity, there is a toy hauler out there for you. Interested in a Toy Hauler? Check out Camping World’s selection

Why a toy hauler RV is perfect for the active camper

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