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The RV you buy might not be perfect. That’s a fact Kevin and Mandy of 188sqft have come to know intimately. After renovating their first RV and living in it for a few years, they decided to get a new, larger RV to live more comfortably. However, the RV they wanted wasn’t perfect from the factory.

That’s why we decided to follow them on their journey as they transform their new RV into the home that they want and need.

Making a House on Wheels Into a Home

The couple took about two months tearing out much of the interior and replacing the appliances, furniture, flooring, wall tile, and more. The designs they did ahead of time certainly helped them renovate, but as with every project, there were a few hiccups along the way.

Cabinets not fitting right and learning new tasks meant Kevin and Mandy had to overcome some difficult obstacles during the renovation process. They had to rent equipment, hire some jobs out, and come up with unique solutions. In the end, their hard work was worth it, and the beautiful space they created is exactly what they want.

Watch the video above to see Kevin and Mandy transform their new RV into the home on wheels they always dreamed of. Are you ready to start your own RV project now? Find the RV with the layout you want and start thinking about how you would update and customize it!

Check out some of the before and after shots below to see just how amazing the transformation was.


RV living room before

RV kitchen before

RV bedroom before

RV garage before

Rv bathroom before


RV living room after

RV kitchen after

RV bedroom after

RV Garage after

RV bathroom after

You, too, can achieve the RV of your dreams thanks to Camping World’s Design Center. With over 46 locations nationwide, Camping World Design Centers help RVers plan and create custom interior design projects unique to their RV. Explore what options might be perfect for your interior set up by consulting with a Design Specialist today!

Do you want to renovate or remodel an RV? Leave a comment about your dream RV below!

Kevin and Mandy's RV renovation

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  1. I have a 1995 Georgia Boy Cruise master swinger and I need it redone or trade in. How much do you want to find out how it can be open an redone. I am on a budget and need to figure it out and I have cats and a small dog j need it done or trade can you help me

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