The Revamped Winnebago Adventurer Is Ready For Summer 2640

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Even the best RVs need a makeover every now and then. From keeping up with modern technology to responding to customer feedback, Winnebago’s top class A gas motorhome – the Adventurer – has received a modern shakedown that’s catching a lot of people’s attention. 

With a family-friendly floorplan and the capacity to sleep up to six people, the Winnebago Adventurer 35F is ready for extended road trips, full-time RV living, and luxury RV camping. 

The Winnebago Adventurer

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Some of what makes the Adventurer one of Winnebago’s most popular RVs hasn’t changed. It’s built on a Ford F53 chassis with a 7.3-liter V8 engine and electronic stability control to provide a safe and smooth ride wherever you go. 

The Adventurer 35F provides plenty of interior living space for entertaining guests. It’s also fully equipped with all the comforts of home, including large residential appliances, plenty of storage, a guest bath, and the option to include a washer/dryer unit. 

Now let’s look at some of the major upgrades to this luxury class A RV!

What’s New Outside

outside-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-LS_ExPs_campfire_6305_35F-23 (2)
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When you walk up to a new Adventurer, your eyes are naturally drawn to the stylish front cap that gives this motorhome a modern look (dare we say Transformers-esque?!). Upgraded automotive LED headlamps add their own flair to the Adventurer’s stylish front cap.

The Adventurer is now available in four new full-body paint schemes: Night Sky, Steel Grey, Wedgewood II, and Silver Mist. They’ve also upgraded the exterior to feature dual-pane frameless tinted windows. This upgrade provides better thermal and acoustic insulation for hot or cold weather camping while also offering more privacy in crowded campgrounds. 

For your next tailgating adventure, the Adventurer now boasts a full exterior entertainment center with a high-definition TV. Like all great class A Winnebago RVs, you’ll have plenty of underneath storage in the Adventurer. The Adventurer 35F boasts nearly 140 square feet of well-lit and easily accessible exterior storage. 

Winnebago also thought about the boondocking RVer in their redesign. They upgraded the Adventurer’s electrical system to be compatible with an optional solar panel and charge controller for longer, off-grid stays. 

What’s New Inside

inside-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-OttomanCouch_35F-23 (1)
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Stepping inside this beautiful class A gas coach, you’ll find an upgraded reclining sofa with theater-style seating in the living area. The reclining seats also boast heat and massage capabilities that will have you ultra-relaxed on your next RV trip. 

Over the cockpit, Winnebago installed a larger StudioLoft cabover bed that raises and lowers on an electric motor. This bulked-up design now features an incredible 600-pound weight capacity. 

bathroom-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-BathMain_35F-23 (1)
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New shaker-style cabinetry with residential hardware has been upgraded throughout the coach and ceramic backsplashes were added to the kitchen and bathroom for easier cleaning and splash protection. 

Speaking of the bathroom and galley, all the fixtures have been upgraded to provide a home-like feel with residential-grade functionality. But when you enter the bedroom, you’ll find the piéce de résistance: an upgraded king-sized bed with a WinnSleep™ memory foam mattress that still maintains plenty of space to walk around both sides comfortably. 

bed-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-BedRoom_35F-23 (1)
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New Tech in the Winnebago Adventurer 35F

cab-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-LS_CabSeats_5410_35F-23 (1)
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Last, but certainly not least, the new Adventurer received some major tech upgrades. Whether you want to stay connected to your favorite streaming service or you work remotely from an RV home office, the Adventurer has what you need. 

This class A RV now has 4G LTE/Wi-Fi capabilities for more reliable internet access. They’ve also upgraded all the TVs to Smart models with the ability to access the internet directly from the TV’s interface. 

As a driver, you’ll feel more at ease behind the revamped automotive-style dash equipped with a 9-inch Sony infotainment system. So whether you utilize Apple Car Play or Android Auto, the Adventurer is ready to create a comfortable, personalized driving experience on long trips. 

When you’re parked, Winnebago’s Connect command center now features a 7-inch touchscreen for easier control and display of all your RV’s vital systems. From checking tank levels to controlling your thermostat, this interface makes adjusting your RV’s system a breeze. Plus, you can now download an app to make changes to your Connect system remotely!

Learn More About the Winnebago Adventurer!

lounge-Winnebago-Adventurer-AD-LS_Lounge_5900_35F-23 (1)
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With more style, an upgraded interior and exterior amenities, and the latest advancements in RV technology, the Winnebago Adventurer is a class A motorhome to keep your eye on. The first models become available in the summer of 2022, but you can sign up now to be the first to get the latest updates on Winnebago’s top class A gas motorhome!

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  1. This Winnebago adventure looks like a nice class a coach! I would like to know what the cost of this coach is going to be ,is it like a mid entry level ? or what. probably more than what most people can afford .

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