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When most people think of campers and RVs they turn to travel trailers, fifth-wheels, or motorhomes. Those are fantastic options, but a pickup truck camper is also an excellent choice. In many ways, a pickup truck camper is often the better choice, depending on how you plan to use your camper and your space needs for that camper.

Pickup truck campers are a good choice for many people who need a smaller camper and already have a good truck. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at pickup truck campers and what makes them advantageous over some of the other types of RVs out there.

Pickup Truck Campers Are Affordable to Buy and Own

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When you compare a pickup camper price to a fifth-wheel or motorhome, it’s clear how much money you can save by going with a truck camper. You might find travel trailer models that are less expensive, but even many travel trailers will be challenged on price, and the other advantages of a truck camper can easily sway you. Obviously, you can find pickup truck campers that are more expensive if you go for a very nice one, but most are very affordable.

When it comes to ownership, pickup truck campers are extremely easy. They’re often easier to store, they don’t have wheels and tires to take care of, and many states consider them cargo, which means you don’t have to pay registration (make sure to check your state’s laws). Also, many people find them easier to store due to their size and overall design. Most will fit in a driveway or backyard easily and some even in a garage.

You Can Still Tow Behind Your Truck Camper

Another huge plus of a truck camper is that you can still tow a trailer behind your truck. That means if you want to bring along an ATV or dirt bike, you should have no problem. This is yet another way that pickup truck campers are extremely versatile.

While there are many other RV types that also make it easy to bring your motorized toys along, like a toy hauler, not everyone wants to do own an RV like that. A truck camper is another legitimate option if you’re an ATV or motorcycle rider. Just make sure you have a big enough truck to handle the load.

Pickup Truck Campers Are Maneuverable and Easy to Drive

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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like towing and needs something truly easy to drive, then a pickup truck camper might be perfect, especially if you already own a truck. The camper does add weight to the truck and that will impact handling and braking, but for the most part, driving your truck with a pickup camper on it is no different than driving your truck with anything else in the bed.

Your maneuverability is going to be pretty much the same. Rear visibility will be hindered somewhat, but you should have no big issues driving your truck. Also, you can use the 4×4 system on your truck if you have it. That, paired with the overall smaller size of many truck campers, means you can go off-road and access areas that other RVers can’t. This is a major boon for people who like to travel to difficult-to-reach locations.

Do you know additional advantages or good things about truck campers? Leave a comment below!

Advantages of a pickup truck camper

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  1. Pick up truck campers seem to be ideal for what I like in camping on the road a lot and the ease of quick set up and fast departure time. I’m very interested in those types of campers.

  2. A truck camper is really the easiest most convenient and comfortable way to go camping,most of the , depending on the size have all the amenities of home,I leave my camper loaded with everything I need…so all I have to do is pack some clothes,food load the camper and off I go for a weekend or overnight get away… I love to fish so towing my 19′ fishing boat is always an option….I just love truck camper camping!

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