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I’ve seen it happen often. People establish their budget, they go and look at their options, and then they buy the biggest RV that fits their budget only to realize they should have gone with a smaller unit. If this is you, don’t worry! You’re not alone. Many buyers every year decide to go from a Class A motorhome or a massive travel trailer or fifth-wheel to a smaller and more easily manageable unit.

Moving into a smaller RV has many benefits. If you’re thinking your current RV is too big but are on the fence about downsizing, here are some reasons why downsizing to a smaller camper is a smart choice.

Improved Gas Mileage

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RVs and high gas mileage don’t particularly go together. However, you might be surprised by the amount of money you save on fuel when you downsize. Going from a large Class A motorhome or Class C motorhome to a Class B can dramatically change the amount of fuel you need.

The same can be said for towable options. Going from a large fifth-wheel or travel trailer to a smaller and lighter one can cut your fuel costs considerably and help you go further on every tank of gas. This means more opportunities for adventures and the ability to take longer trips in general on a specific fuel budget.

Easier to Drive and Park

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Smaller RVs are easier to handle. Big rigs are tough to handle on the road and difficult to park in many campgrounds. When you downsize to a smaller unit overall, you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Even if you’re proficient at driving a large RV, a smaller one is going to be much easier to handle no matter where you go.

This smaller overall size can make a big difference at campgrounds. Pulling into a campground is so much easier with a smaller RV. You’ll also be able to visit and stay at campgrounds that your old, larger rig was too big for.

Easier to Boondock and Smaller Footprint

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Boondocking in a large RV can be tough. You need to find a place in the wilderness that will allow you to pull in your big rig. While some people have no issue finding a spot, there’s no denying that a smaller RV would be able to get to campsites the larger RV simply couldn’t.

In addition to being a little easier to boondock with, you’ll also enjoy a smaller footprint overall. This includes the actual space the RV takes up and the energy consumption needed to live comfortably. If you’re in a smaller RV, you don’t need as much energy to heat, cool, light and generally keep everything working well. This is a huge plus for environmentally conscious RVers.

Fewer Things, More Experiences

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Last but certainly not least is the fact that you will be forced to take fewer things with you in a smaller RV. A more compact RV will have smaller storage spaces and less square footage overall, this means you’ll need to eliminate unnecessary items. It will teach you what you truly need to be happy, and that might be far less than you think.

Many people find that once they start living minimally, they really enjoy it. Getting into a smaller RV is one way to downsize not only your RV’s living space but also all of your possessions in general. This will likely lead to you focusing on experiences rather than items, and that can be a key to happiness on the road.

Do you have any additional thoughts on moving to a smaller RV? Leave a comment below!

Reasons to downsize when shopping for your next RV

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  1. Been motorhome 30 years, ( a little over 100,000 miles on this here continent) 4 rigs, ’80 Toyota class C, ’81 Winnebago Brave, ’95 Jamboree C sport and currently ’04 Pace Arrow. Great advice! Up next? Something on a Sprinter chassis or a toy hauler! Lots to look at and think about!!

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