Partner RV Pick: Winnebago Travato 59K 2536

It’s hard to believe it, but Camping World is already through its sixth week of the Ultimate RV Show National Tour! Time flies when you’re doling out giveaways, exclusive deals, partner interviews, and, of course, having lots of fun! You can take part in all of this fun as well without ever leaving home! Just stream online and watch on-demand as Camping World discusses the latest in RVs and trailers with experts like Stefany and James Adinaro of The FitRV.

This RVing duo livestreamed with Ian Baker of Camping World to reveal their RV pick—the Winnebago Travato—and why this RV is one of the best Class B RV’s, efficiently making the most of every single inch of space.

Watch their interview in the video above, starting at 2:01:00, or read below to discover why this RV works for these two go-getters.

The Winnebago Travato 59K is a camper van with four floorplans to choose from. Stef and James went with the 59K which his 21’ in length, and 9’4” in height. It also sleeps two. The drivetrain is front wheel, and the chassis boasts a Ram ProMaster® 280-hp, 3.6L V6 gas engine. As a front-wheel-drive system, this camper will handle just like a car, which James loves, adding “I’m really comfortable driving it.”

The main living space features a galley style kitchen with propane burners. Stef and James love using their propane cooktop but encourage RVers to “be prepared for what you’re working with, especially if you plan to RV in the winter.” This is because propane can be more difficult to find during the colder months and, as Stef and James discovered, sometimes even when you do find it, it’s frozen. The overall floorplan feels spacious, despite being a camper. Stefany adds that herself and others may be turned away by a camper thinking, “I don’t want to be living in a van.” The Travato is nothing like that. It makes intelligent use of space to prevent that dreaded feeling of being “closed in.” 

Winnebago Travato Kitchen

Sleeping Area
Moving into the camper, two twin beds flank each side of the main hallway leading back to the wet bath. The beds function well as seating areas during the day. At night, they can also be joined together for sleepers who want to snuggle and stay warm. The beds feature a Flex System. The two-part system both keeps the mattress off the deck and allows for airflow which will keep the mattresses fresh and cool.

Interior - Winnebago Travato

The Travato’s wet bath is at the rear (with access via a back door as well. A wet bath means the entire space is used for the shower, so all components, the toilet and all four walls, will get wet when the shower is in use. The sink folds up when not in use to create more space. This option is economical and reserves most of the floorpan for ‘actual living space.’ Another great function of the bathroom is that its accessible via a backdoor to the camper. This makes clean-up a breeze. The bathroom also has a deep, spacious cabinet for storing toiletries, towels, and whatever else you’d need in the bathroom.

The Cockpit
Back up at the front of the camper, the cockpit features two comfortable captain’s chairs. Both the driver and passenger seat swivel to face the rear. The passenger seat has access to a fold-up table (a great function for dining and “working from home” as Stef notes. The driver swivels out and can make use of a pull-out chopping table from the kitchen.

Winnebago Travato cockpit

The Winnebago Travato aft exterior is packed with features. A high-mount bike rack protects your bikes from bouncing too much while in transit, and a removable ladder that hooks and un-hooks at several entry points along the side of the camper makes packing toys on the roof a breeze. The Travato also has a hitch, so if you need haul a small trailer or toy, feel free to do so.

Winnebago Travato Exterior Rear

There’s more to love about the Winnebago Travato. Find a Winnebago Travato near you.

Enjoy more exclusive RV Show content online as Camping World continues to livestream the roadshow from the road.

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