Partner RV Pick: Keystone Montana High Country 377FL 1967

For some people, an RV is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a home. That couldn’t be more true for Bryanna and Craig Royal of Crazy Family Adventure. Nearly seven years ago, they packed up their family of six for life on the road full time in an RV. Since then, they’ve moved between three RVs. Along the way they’ve learned what they like, what they don’t, what works, and what doesn’t.

While in Portland, during week eight of the Ultimate RV Show National Tour, Camping World reached out to to talk with Bryanna and Craig about their pick for an ideal RV for a family like theirs: The Montana High Country 377 FL. Check out the virtual video-walkthrough and read through below to learn more about this family-friendly rig.

The Montana High Country 377FL is a front-living luxury fifth wheel with four slide outs. It’s just a little more than 40’ in length and 13’ in height with a carrying capacity exceeding 3,000 lbs. It has two points of entry and exit and can sleep up to 10.

Keystone Montana High Country


When it comes to the Montana High Country 377FL’s interior, little touches big a big difference. One such touch is the Whisper Quiet AC system, which prevents the load roar of the AC kicking in from disrupting sleep.

Living Area
In the main living area, the large open window, is another. Bryanna and Craig explain that its perfect for waking up to amazing views wherever you’ve parked for the night or week. The living space also includes a ceiling fan, ample seating with dual couches, and a fireplace. Together, they make for a living space that feels more like a home than an RV.

Montana High Country Living Space
Montana High Country 377FL Living Area

Bryanna loves the potential the space holds explaining, “you can add wallpaper or paint to add colors to the walls and do some fun things.” She and Craig also love the abundance of natural light the High Country offers.

The kitchen continues this trend of small features making a big difference – starting with the split-bowl-design sink. Bigger pots and pans can fit with ease and for washing, rinsing, and drying. Speaking of drying, the sink is also a perfect fit for this drying rack.

Montana High Country Kitchen Area
Montana High Country 377FL Kitchen

When it comes to seating in the kitchen, Bryanna, speaking of her family, marvels that, “maybe all of us can sit down at the same time to eat.” The kitchen also features a spacious residential fridge, plenty of drawers and cabinets, and ample counter space for prepping and cooking meals.

Loft Space
The High Country features a loft area over the master suite. Unlike in other trailers, the steps are better angled so you’ll have an easier time walking up and down – especially in the night. The loft itself is spacious in overall space and height. Bryanna says she thinks her kids would be able to sit up in it.

The High Country’s bathroom screams residential construction from the porcelain bowl to the one-piece shower. As in the living area, extra touches, make the bathroom shine including hooks for hanging towels behind the toilet and a small seating area/step in the shower.

Montana High Country Bathroom
Montana High Country 377FL Bathroom

The bedroom in the High Country is a step-down from the main floorplan, which adds more space to the loft area above. It also includes washer/dryer prep, which according to Bryanna, “You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have it.” Bryanna and Craig also enjoy having an in-unit dryer for tasks as simple as drying beach towels or their kids’ wet clothes if they’ve been caught in some rain.

The washer/dryer prep also doesn’t take away from the space in the wardrobe as is the case in most rigs. This is great for full-timers like Bryanna and Craig.

The bedroom also include ample storage under the bed and a dresser, which if you feel like testing your DIY skills, you can remove and replace with a desk like Bryanna and Craig did in theirs.

The Montana’s drop frame construction allows for an abundance of storage and a much larger outdoor garage than competitors on the market. The High Country is also prepped for solar panels, which Bryanna and Craig have installed in their own Montana. And, the High Country comes with auto-leveling technology. Just make sure to read the manual.

Montana High Country 377FL Storage Area

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