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If you have a family and you want to RV, you’re probably going to be looking at bunkhouse RVs at some point. These RVs are some of the best options out there.

While there are bunkhouse motorhomes and fifth-wheels out there for you to choose from. Many folks find that the travel trailer bunkhouses satisfy their needs and do so in a way that motorhomes and fifth-wheels simply can’t. With that in mind, let’s take a look at why bunkhouse travel trailers are such a great option for so many families.

1. There are Lightweight Bunkhouse Options

Coleman Lantern 263BH

There are lots of families out there who don’t own a heavy-duty pickup truck who still want to go camping. Just because you have a standard pickup, van, or SUV, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a non-bunkhouse RV. There are plenty of bunkhouse RVs out there that can be easily towed by a regular full-size truck, midsize truck, SUV or van thanks to their low weight.

Some good lightweight bunkhouse travel trailer options include the following:

  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH
  • K-Z RV Sportsmen Classic 180BH
  • Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH
  • Coleman Lantern LT 17FQ
  • Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS

All of these models are under 5,000 pounds and many of them are under 3,500 pounds. This means the vast majority of trucks, minivans, full-size vans, SUVs and crossovers can tow these bunkhouse travel trailers.

You can take a closer look at these RVs at Camping World’s website.

2. There’s Plenty of Variations in Size

Don’t go thinking all bunkhouse travel trailers are on the small and lightweight size, though. There are plenty of models well over the 5,000-pound mark and plenty that are very long in overall length. It’s this variation that sets these RVs apart more from the other bunkhouse options out there.

Travel trailers by their very design are versatile. The RV type comes in all sorts of lengths, designs, and weights. This is good news for families who aren’t quite sure which travel trailer is right for them. It gives them plenty of options without muddying the list of possibilities with a fifth-wheel or a motorhome.

3. There are Still Good Living Areas

When you think bunkhouse, you think of the bunks themselves. Many people assume that these RVs are simply little more than a room with a bunch of beds. While some of the very small bunkhouses can feel that way, most bunkhouse travel trailers do a good job of dividing things up.

This means you have sleeping areas and living spaces. There’s usually a master bedroom and then a bunk room or bunk area. This all goes a long way towards making your life as comfortable as possible while staying in your RV at a campground.

Having separate areas for the beds and the living area also gives people a place to escape to when they need some time to themselves. For example, is everyone watching a movie you already saw? You can go read a book in the master bedroom or bunk room.

4. The Ability to Sleep Large Numbers of People

forest river Salem 33tsfp

This one should probably be number one, but I didn’t place it there because it applies to all bunkhouse RVs, not just travel trailers. The fact of the matter is that if you need to sleep a large number of people on your next camping trip, then you’re bound to actually need a bunkhouse.

Sure, there are plenty of other travel trailer floorplan options that offer fold-out sofas, dinettes that transform into beds and drop-down beds, but the thing is, having bunks is the most efficient way of making sure everyone stays comfortable and gets the sleep they need.

Travel trailers arguably make the best bunkhouses because of the fact that the space is so versatile. You don’t have to worry about the cab of a motorhome, or the unique hitch of the fifth-wheel. You get a nice rectangular space to work with that you can make larger through the use of slides. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the manufacturers and gives customers tons of options and a lot of space.

5. Easy to Hitch-Up and Disconnect

If you’ve ever hitched up a fifth-wheel you know that it can be a bit of an arduous task. It gets easier the more you do it, but it’s not like backing up to a regular hitch like the ones on a travel trailer.

That’s where the travel trailer design shines. While a fifth-wheel may be more stable on the road, a travel trailer is easier to hitch-up and get going. This is a major boon of the RV type.

What are your thoughts on bunkhouse travel trailers? Leave a comment below! Interested in looking at more examples of bunkhouse travel trailers? Check out Camping World’s inventory.

5 reasons to love bunkhouse travel trailers

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  1. We have a 31DSBH Puma and we love it! It has a ton of space. We weren’t looking for more sleeping space when we bought it because it’s just hubby and I, and our dog and cat. But the bunk house means we have a separate area for the litter box. I added some cushions to the lower bunk to turn it into a couch of sorts and we have our TV in there! The top bunk is where I store big items like toilet paper, paper towels, extra sheets and blankets, etc. It absolutely works for us and we couldn’t be happier with our home away from home!

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