3 Reasons to Consider a Front-Living Fifth-Wheel RV 8492

Fifth-wheel RVs are becoming more and more popular these days, with their spacious floorplans and high ceilings. They’re also easier to tow and maneuver than travel trailers of a similar size.

While the majority of the fifth-wheels on the road are traditional rear-living or rear-kitchen models, one often-overlooked floorplan might be a perfect fit for you. Here are some benefits of a Front Living Fifth Wheel.

Taller Bedroom and Bathroom

One of the main benefits of a front living floorplan is one that’s not even about the living room.

When you move the main living area upfront, you get to move the bedroom and bathroom to the rear of the fifth wheel.

This means the bedroom and bathroom, two of the more important rooms, can take advantage of the higher ceilings in the fifth wheel design.

There’s no ducking for taller people as they climb into bed and there’s more headroom in the shower area. The increased height also means more storage in the bedrooms, with bigger closets or more cabinetry.

Like most RV decisions, it’s all a matter of tradeoffs.

A Traditional Living Room/Den Feel

Front Living Area in a Fifth Wheel
Photo by Camping World

With rear-living or rear-kitchen floorplans, the living room and kitchen areas tend to blend together, mirroring the “open floorplan” trends in housing.

A front-living floorplan actually gives a little more separation between the kitchen and living areas. The couple steps up to the living room may be small, but you’ll find the area feels like it stands alone.

It makes for a great place to have discussions with friends, watch a movie with fewer distractions from the kitchen, or the perfect place to dive into a good book.

Many front living fifth-wheel owners, especially full-timers, will use the raised living area as an office. Somewhere they know they can get to work, separate from the rest of the RV.

Separation for Guests Staying in the Living Room

While guests can easily stay in the living area in a rear-living or rear-kitchen floorplan, the setup isn’t always ideal.

As soon as someone comes into the kitchen, say for their morning coffee at 6am, they’re disturbing whoever is in the living area.

This is one place where the front-living fifth-wheel shines. Many models come with a curtain to partition the living area away.

Guests can sleep in even as the owners slip out of the main bedroom and even head outside.

This is a fantastic floorplan for those who occasionally bring their grandchildren along on their trips. front-living models will often have opposing slides with couches in the living area—a makeshift bunk room for the grandkids.

Set them up in the front living area and let them rest and recover from their outdoor adventures while you’re up early, enjoying the sunrise and some breakfast.

Shopping for a new or used motorhome is always fun, but shopping for a new fifth wheel is an exciting! If you’re looking for a more traditional living room or a larger feel for your bedroom and bathroom, a Front Living Fifth Wheel could be just what you need!

Before you take your new 5th wheel on its maiden voyage, download or print and laminate this hitch checklist for reference.

3 reasons to consider a front living fifth wheel


  1. We just purchased a 2021 in this front living floor plan and OH my we could not go back. We’ve had it two weeks, been on one trip, and we sat in our recliners watching Hamilton! Our master bedroom is at the back of the coach with the double-sink bathroom and 7ft tall shower (with seat) at the very back and that is the correct way to do these things! 🙂 Our bathroom is huge, the storage is huge, the kitchen SHOULD be in the center of the rig with a powder room off the kitchen. Why do they do any other floor plan! We are in RV heaven and can’t wait to go on our 2nd trip next week.

  2. We had an upstairs living room model 20 years ago when they first came out. It was awesome! I’d never have anything different.

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