SftR 077: From Marketing VP to Digital Nomad with Hannah from Curly Nomad 3918

Hannah the curly nomad

From marketing VP to digital nomad with Hannah from the curly nomad

In this episode, Sam chats with Hannah (aka the.curly.nomad on Instagram!). After leaving her position as a VP at a marketing agency in LA to start her own business, Hannah realized that she could run her business from anywhere. She bought an RV and hit the road as a solo traveler!

In this interview, Hannah shares what it’s really like living on the road, the good and the bad. She also shares her favorite destinations, experiences as a female solo traveler, advice for dating on the road, and how to travel if you don’t like to drive your RV.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • 0:30 – Current travels and Xscapers Convergences
  • 3:00 – From marketing VP to digital nomad
  • 10:00 – Experiences as a solo female traveler
  • 14:00 – Advice for solo female travelers + dating on the road
  • 20:00 – Boondocking tips and favorite travel destinations
  • 26:00 – RVing tips for people who don’t like driving their RV

Hannah’s tips on RVing

  • Once you find your community on the road, you never have to be lonely. Go to Xscapers Convergences and other meetups!
  • It’s easy to put business on the back burner when you’re traveling. All you want to do is explore! You want to go play, but you have to find that balance. You need to be a responsible adult and get work done to be able to afford the travel lifestyle.
  • People in the community (and in the world in general) can be very willing to help you, especially as a solo traveler.
  • You create such deep friendships while traveling. You automatically have some values in common with other full-time travelers.
  • Plan for breakdowns with your RV. They will happen! There are logistics problems right and left. You need to problem solve on the road and set aside money for repairs and gas.

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