SftR 066: Camping Conversations – RV Trends with Sam and Kelsey 478

SftR 066: Camping Conversations - RV Trends with Sam and Kelsey

SftR 066 - Camping Conversations - RV Trends with Sam and Kelsey

Sam and Kelsey talk RV trends in this camping conversations episode! Hear the latest on updates in the RV industry, such as lighter RV interiors and the growing popularity of small RVs. Plus, hear about Instagram worthy camping trips, and Kelsey’s experience growing up in different types of RVs. They even share each of their dream RV models and why certain RVs are better than others, depending on your camping style.

Some highlights from this episode:

  • 1:00 – Lighter interiors in RVs
  • 4:30 – Smaller RV models gain popularity
  • 14:30 – Instagram worthy RVing
  • 17:15 – Kelsey’s experience growing up in different RVs
  • 21:00 – Dream RV models

Lighter interiors in RVs

This trend has started to show up a lot lately in new RV models. It seems that the days of dark wood interiors are on the way out. Perhaps it’s because lighter wood makes the interior feel more spacious, or maybe customers just like it better? Tune in to hear Sam and Kelsey’s views on this trend.

Smaller RV models gain popularity

Class B and other small RVs and vans have been popular in Europe for a while, but now the trend is catching on in the U.S. Is it because of the tiny home and minimalism movement, the efficiency, or do people just think they are adorable? Hear Sam and Kelsey’s thoughts on why these RVs are so popular right now. Kelsey is even in the market for a small RV. Will she pick a Class B, a teardrop, an A-liner, or something else entirely?

Instagram worthy RVing

There is a huge movement towards Instagram worthy camping experiences, whether it is a glamping themed campground with vintage trailers or a renovated RV interior. Hear Sam and Kelsey’s thoughts on how this trend is changing the RV and camping industry.

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