RV Jedeye // 🎧 Podcast 1511

David Lee, the RV Jedeye, got his nickname for his love of all things Star Wars (with the exception of Episodes 1-3) and his new-found love of RVing. As a solo traveler, he’s made a commitment to get out on the road twice a month—a true “Weekend Warrior.” The reason why he’s sharing his journey—to pay it forward. “I watched a lot of videos when I was thinking about getting my RV and renovating it, so I wanted to share and in a way say thanks to all those who came before me.”

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You can follow his travels on YouTube and Instagram.

Some topics we covered:

  • 2:35 – Where RV Jedeye has been traveling
  • 3:17 – How he got his start
  • 6:15 – RV renovation stories
  • 8:45 – How Dave caught the RV bug
  • 11:10 – Deciding “What type of RVer” you’re going to be.
  • 15:48 – Long- and short-term RVing goals
  • 19:56 – Experiences with both in-person and digital RV communities
  • 32:25 – Personal growth through blogging
  • 36:25 – RV cooking tips
  • 46:36 – Advice on getting into RVing


  1. Thanks for being a RV weekend warrior. My husband is from Thomasville, GA. You guys are neighbors sort a speak. We currently own a Leisure Travel van since 2015 and we love it. The size is small about 25 feet. on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. We’ve driven out to Vegas, the Black Hills and Wyoming. The goal is to live in it, but I want to be a minimalist.
    Will you be making more episodes?

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