SftR 020: Design a Lifestyle of Adventure with the Roaming Remodelers // 🎧 Podcast 4059

Roaming Remodelers

Jon and Nadia are full-time RVers and food lovers who have set out on a journey to design a lifestyle of adventure, discovery, and learning.

Prior to setting out on their journey, Jonathan worked in sales, while Nadia was a former teacher and, eventually, a marketing professional. Knowing they yearned to travel while building businesses that enabled the lifestyle, they decided to commit fully to pursuing their passions and chasing their dreams.

Today, you are bound to find Jon with a camera in-hand, and Nadia creating illustrations, presentations, and many other digital assets—while simultaneously enjoying a fine cheese and a glass of wine.

To follow along on their adventures (and maybe even find some great wine and cheese pairings!), visit them at roamingremodelers.com, or follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

Some topics we covered:

  • 2:23 – How the Roaming Remodelers plan their travels
  • 7:30 – How their RV experience changed in the first year
  • 12:36 – The RV community
  • 26:30 – Switching from a travel trailer to a class C
  • 30:01 – RVing with dogs
  • 37:08 – Advice to newbies
  • 40:25 – Jon and Nadia’s favorite stories

Advice from the Roaming Remodelers

  • The full-time RVing community is so friendly. Reach out to others in the community and you’ll make so many like-minded friends that you can meet up with on the road!
  • Traveling with pets can take some extra planning. For example, some National Parks do not allow pets. Check the website of where you are going to make sure you can bring your pets with you.
  • Have a back-up plan for keeping the pets cool in case your air conditioning goes out and watch the temperatures of where you will be traveling.
  • Just go for it! You can ease into RVing, boondocking, working on the road, etc. You just need to get started.
  • Plan ahead, but always leave room for flexibility and spontaneous adventures.

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