SftR 006: Running a Digital Marketing Company on the Road with Pete and Jordan // 🎧 Podcast 5112

pete and jordan

SftR 006: Running a Digital Marketing Company on the Road with Pete and Jordan

Pete and Jordan are a pair of road-warrior entrepreneurs, and founders of Quarter for Your Crisis. QFYC helps others find purpose through both their work and their lives, creating community, conversation, and courses to guide you in your journey. In this interview, we talked to them about finding the road and getting away from a corporate mindset. They broke down what a quarter-life crisis means to them, how it impacts other Millennials, minimalism, and running a digital marketing company on the road.

After quitting their jobs to journey through South America, jumping into RV life wasn’t a huge leap. Their family wasn’t surprised when they decided to hit the road, even though Pete and Jordan knew nothing about RVing when they first started out! They decided to embrace the lifestyle and all the challenges by starting RV life with winter camping. Tune into the interview to hear their tales of being newbie RVers!

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Some episode highlights:

  • 6:56 – Overcoming uncertainties.
  • 8:16 – How South America shifted their mindset.
  • 11:22 – Quarter for Your Crisis and how it has evolved.
  • 13:27 – Challenges and benefits of growing a business out of an RV.
  • 22:11 – Their experiences with the RV overall.
  • 24:22 – A little story about moochdocking.
  • 25:36 – Some of their favorite stories about RVing.
  • 33:09 – The RV community and what it means to them.
  • 37:13 – A breakdown of their business.
  • 43:47 – Where they see this whole adventure going.

Advice from Pete and Jordan:

  • One of the biggest hurdles of RVing is making money on the road. Figuring that out before you leave will make this life much easier.
  • RV life is full of ups and downs. When something bad happens, take a step back and think about all the things you have to be grateful for.
  • Go to events in the RV community to find “your people”. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by people who want to work and live on the road. No one questions why you’re living this lifestyle.

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