SftR 021: Caring for Pets and Plants on the Road with Life Among Pines // 🎧 Podcast 4026

Life among pines

Brendan and Sam Binger are a couple in their twenties, traveling through America fulltime in their RV. They became self-employed when they moved into the RV and now work from the road while exploring all of the incredible sights, places, and experiences that the US has to offer.

Their renovated rig is not only a cozy home for Brendan and Sam, but also for their 5 pets and nearly 100 plants! Tune in to hear how they renovated their RV to fit their family and how they care for pets and plants while working and living in an RV.

Check out Life Among Pines on their Instagram account for photos of their rig, plants, pets, and travels! You can also read about their journey on their website lifeamongpines.com.

A few things we covered:

  • 2:18 – Work-Life balance on the road
  • 4:30 – National Park goals
  • 7:01 – What pushed them to go full time
  • 9:50 – Support from friends and family
  • 13:41 – A look inside Brendan and Sam’s RV
  • 19:45 – Why they boondock/ best boondocking spots
  • 22:08 – Plants and Pets on the road
  • 28:05 – Sam and Brendan’s Stories from the road

RVing advice from Life Among Pines

  • Remodel your rig to fit your lifestyle and make it your own special home.
  • Rent a rig before you buy one, especially to see how your pets will handle RVing. Some pets reeeeally do not like drive days. Put together a plan for how you’ll handle this.
  • Research like crazy before you buy an RV. The more prepared you are, the better!
  • If you’re going to travel full-time or for long periods, move slower to avoid getting burned out.
  • Cactus are great plants for RVing and are easy to manage on the road.

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