SftR 026: RVing and International Family Travel with Knorpp & South // 🎧 Podcast 4958

International Family Travel with Knorpp and South

In May of 2016, Mike and Megan Knorpp decided to get rid of everything and hit the road with their nine kids. They traveled the US for a year in their converted Jayco fifth wheel and had some amazing adventures along the way.

After a year of RV travel, the Knorpps decided to make another big shift and take their travels international. They bought one-way tickets to Paris and took the whole family on another adventure through Europe and North Africa. They are now back in the states and looking forward to more adventures with their large brood.

Keep up with their travels on their website Knorpp and South and their YouTube channel.

Some episode highlights:

  • 3:50 The Knorpp’s RV story.
  • 13:12 Favorite stops along their journey.
  • 18:40 Traveling through Europe
  • 24:11 Family growth on the road.
  • 28:45 What is next for the Knorpps?
  • 34:30 Vlogging the memories.
  • 38:58 Cooking for 9 in an RV.
  • 41:21 Words from the wise to newbies.

How many people can you fit in an RV?

When they first had the idea to live in an RV, Mike and Megan weren’t sure if it were possible to find one that could fit their family. Even a few RV salesmen were stumped during the RV shopping process. Finally, they found a 44ft 5 slide Jayco bunkhouse! It took some time to get used to so many people in a small space, but they still didn’t get any pushback from the kids. Everyone was along for the ride and excited about the journey.

International family travel

After a year of RV life, the Knorpp family took their adventures to the next level with international family travel. By staying in Airbnb’s for 1-3 months at a time, they had more space as a family. This time, the challenge was finding a car that would accommodate them. They shipped their van across the ocean to transport their family and luggage from place to place during their time overseas.

Advice on RVing and international family travel

Do it. Enjoy it. When it’s time to be done, be done. Don’t be afraid to change to a new adventure. You don’t have to be locked into anything. Also, get good tires to handle your weight!

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