SftR 012: Full-time RVing as a Family with Crazy Family Adventure // 🎧 Podcast 5592

Full-time RVing as a Family with Crazy Family Adventure

They don’t use the word “hippies,” but Craig and Bryanna—the parents behind Crazy Family Adventure—may fit the modern bill. Along with their four kids and two dogs, they travel the country, roaming freely, unschooling the kids, and taking in all the sights. They talked to us about traveling with kids and keeping them socialized, some of their favorite locations, creating multiple income streams, and juggling entrepreneurship on the road.

Having free time to explore with the kids is extremely important to Craig and Bryanna. They didn’t hit the road to spend all their time working! This is why they do everything possible to only have to work 20 hours or less per week. They accomplish this by keeping expenses low and finding free adventures and experiences.

You can keep up with Crazy Family Adventure on their Instagram, blog, or look up their business Virtual Powerhouse.

Some episode highlights:

  • 5:07 – What started the adventure.
  • 8:53 – How their family has evolved since they hit the road.
  • 10:00 – Their current (and previous and future) RVs.
  • 13:09 – Unschooling their children.
  • 17:07 – The RV Community with kids.
  • 25:20 – Some favorite memories from their favorite places.
  • 33:21 – Unintended entrepreneurship.
  • 39:51 – Their favorite moment from traveling so far.
  • 46:18 – Advice for jumping into an RV and hitting the road.

Unschooling and education on the road

Crazy Family Adventure uses an approach to education called “radical unschooling”, which combines school, learning, and life all into one. Every adventure and life experience is considered part of the kid’s schoolwork. Craig and Bryanna have noticed that this gives each of their kids a strong voice. They know what they want to do each day and don’t have to wait for anyone to give them directions. Full-time RVing as a family combined with unschooling has helped the kids to become so much more confident, resilient, and close.

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