SftR 042: Planning an Epic Year-Long RV Family Road Trip with Where’s the Moose 3464

Adam McLaughlin of Where's the Moose

Adam is a digital marketing "RV-preneur" who has been on the road with his family since the beginning of August. The family is planning an epic year-long RV family road trip in their travel trailer, Moose .#rvlife #rvcampers #rvhack #rvliving #camper #camping #campertrailers #camperlife #happycamper #fulltimerving #fulltimervlife #storiesfromtheroad #digitalnomadAdam is a digital marketing “RV-preneur” who has been on the road with his wife and three boys since the beginning of August. Their travel name “Where’s the Moose” comes from their trailer, which they affectionately call “Moose”.

After downsizing for a previous move from Canada to Florida, Adam and his wife decided that moving into a trailer and traveling the country didn’t seem like too much of a stretch for their family, so they started planning an epic year-long RV family road trip.

The plan is to drive all the way around the US, ending up back in Ontario, Canada at the end of the year-long-trip, posting photos and documenting their travels along the way on their Instagram and blog. For another play on their name “Where’s the Moose”, they hide a stuffed animal moose in some of their Instagram photos.

Will they continue full-time RVing after the year is over? Adam says, “Who knows… We are keeping our options open!”

Some topics we covered:

  • 3:24 – RV beginnings
  • 7:27 – East Coast adventures
  • 9:36 – The Bucket List Moose
  • 12:17 – Rookie mistakes
  • 17:42 – Family adapting to a life on the road
  • 23:10 – RV’preneurship
  • 24:30 – Adam’s stories from the road

Family life in the RV

Adam says one of the biggest changes to transitioning to RV life was learning how to homeschool. The boys mostly do their studies in the morning, leaving time for adventure and field trips. They do miss some things about public school, like recess, but enjoy the extra perks of RV life, like visiting all of the Six Flags theme park locations!

They’ve also learned how to communicate better as a family and sort through disagreements quickly. Adam says, “There are no elephants in the room because there is no room for elephants in the trailer.”

Running a business from the road

Adam’s goal is to be able to work enough projects with his business to financially afford their travel lifestyle, but not work too many projects that he misses out on the special moments every day. The point of this trip is to spend time together as a family, not to spend every day looking at a laptop.

Adam’s tips for working remotely:

  • RV wifi is not consistent. Always have a backup wifi option and seek out places for public wifi when you can.
  • When committing to work projects, always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. Just when you tell a client that a project will take X many days, your hot water tank might explode.

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