SftR 001: Renovating a Fifth Wheel Trailer with 188sqft // 🎧 Podcast 5029

SftR 001: Renovating a Fifth Wheel Trailer with 188sqft

Most studio apartments in cities are larger than 188 square feet. When you hear that Kevin and Mandy live full-time in their 188-square-foot fifth wheel RV it might sound crazy. Add in their two cats and two dogs-well, it might sound cramped. Yet they’ve been living on the road for years, and they’ve found that it has impacted their lives in all kinds of positive ways. Listen in for their experiences, ways they renovated their rig, ideas for living small, and advice for hitting the road yourself.

Some topics covered in this episode:

6:35 – How RVing full-time has impacted their relationship.
8:35 – Their advice for getting started in the RV lifestyle.
11:27 – The methods to the madness of renovating a camper.
14:31 – The actual square footage of their space.
15:35 – An RVing horror story.
19:00 – The many things that have kept them out on the road.
21:05 – Sam’s favorite things about Idaho.
22:44 – Their most highly rated food destination.
28:04 – Suggestions for starting your own travel blog.
30:12 – How to get into RVing.

Advice from Kevin and Mandy

  • It’s totally possible to live on the road. All you usually need is an internet connection.
  • You can always have a storage unit if you really want to keep some furniture and things for later. Don’t let that keep you from heading out on an adventure.
  • Search for answers online and you’ll find everything you need to know, from RV tips to renovation ideas!
  • Things are going to go wrong, but that’s just how RV life works. You have to keep a positive mindset about it.
  • Start documenting your travels. If you want it to be an actual travel blog, try it and commit if you like it. If you don’t want to make it into a business, that’s okay too. Make sure it’s fun for you.
  • Try boondocking. It’s amazing!
  • Don’t be afraid to learn new things along the way.

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  1. Mindy Pulliam at the Meridian, ID Camping World was a great help when we needed to sell our Kit Road Ranger. What a great way to sell a trailer! It was a consignment arrangement and they even came to our location and hauled the trailer to the dealership. Mindy worked with our son to simplify the paperwork and it sold in less than 60 days. Thanks, Mindy!

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