Stories From The Road

A Weekly RV Community Podcast

Love getting the RV out for weekends and getaways? Dream of being a professional nomad? In Stories from the Road, host Sam Nuerminger chats with everyone from weekend warriors to full-timers about what drew them to the road, the challenges they face, and what keeps them going year after year.

Stories From The Road

A Weekly RV Community Podcast

Love getting the RV out for weekends and getaways? Dream of being a professional nomad? In Stories from the Road, host Sam Nuerminger chats with everyone from weekend warriors to full-timers about what drew them to the road, the challenges they face, and what keeps them going year after year.

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Adam McLaughlin of Where's the Moose

SftR 042: Adam McLaughlin of Where’s the Moose

Adam is a digital marketing “RV-preneur” who has been on the road with his family since the beginning of August.

The family is planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in their travel trailer, Moose.

Follow their journey on Instagram.

David lee

SftR 041: David Lee, the RV Jedeye Now

We’re bringing back the RV Jedeye!

David Lee got his nickname for his love of all things Star Wars (with the exception of Episodes 1-3) and his new-found love of RVing. As a solo traveler, he’s made a commitment to get out on the road twice a month—a true “Weekend Warrior.”

The reason why he’s sharing his journey—to pay it forward. “I watched a lot of videos when I was thinking about getting my RV and renovating it, so I wanted to share and in a way say thanks to all those who came before me.”

You can follow his travels on YouTube and Instagram.

Full-time Freedom Team

SftR 040: The Team Behind Full-Time Freedom Week

Looking to get out on the road full-time, but not sure where to start? Liz Wilcox, Julie Chickery, and Camille Attell joined us to talk about their online event, developed specifically for aspiring full-time RVers.

Full-Time Freedom Week is a 5-day online event with over 30 speakers and industry experts giving you all the best RV information and inspiration in one place. Learn how to get and stay on the road, what RV you should buy, how to save money, how to make money on the road, and much more!

Robert Ide

SftR 039: Robert Ide

Born in the UK, Robert has been traveling in his camper with his white lab for the last three years, visiting approximately 33 states, Canada, and Mexico.

Prior to going full-time, he had his own consulting business involved in mergers and acquisitions along with integrating global companies.

Microadventures family

SftR 038: Jenny and Dave from MicroAdventure Family

Jenny, Dave, and their two children, Oakley and Cali, are a full-time RVing family who enjoys daily microadventures—exploring the country, finding community wherever they go, and giving all social media earnings back to their followers, local churches, and nonprofits.

They have committed to a life lived simply so that they may simply live.

Josh and Kali of The Freedom Theory

SftR 037: Josh and Kali from The Freedom Theory

Josh and Kali have been living the RV life since January of 2015. After a rough 2014—facing health issues and seeing Josh’s dad face a double bypass surgery—they decided it was time for a change. Every year they reevaluate their goals and January 2nd, 2015, they realized their goals were too big for the typical “American Dream.” Josh brought up the idea of RVing on a whim and Kali, to his surprise, said she was in!

By the end of January, they were living in and renovating their first RV. Three and a half years later they have welcomed their first child, Landyn, into their lives. The RV lifestyle for them has allowed them to see amazing sites and helped them reach their goal of putting family first.

SftR 036: Lucas and Sarah from Virtual Kamper

Lucas and Sarah are the crew behind the show “Podcasts with Park Rangers.” They’re exploring all 400+ National Park units with a mission to bring the Park Rangers’ stories to a bigger stage. It’s their way to help preserve and build awareness for all National Park sites big and small.

They’re full-time RVers who travel from park to park with their 3 cats in a vintage bus. In addition to the show, they love to explore new National Parks and write about their journey on their blog—Virtual Kamper.

SftR 035: Adam and Lindsey from Nuventure Travels

Adam and Lindsey Nubern have been traveling the world full-time since 2014, living out of RVs, campervans, and backpacks. They recently transitioned to having a base camp in Colorado.

They’re on a mission to create a life of freedom to pursue their curiosities while being financially responsible—living the way they want to live and saving the way they want to save.

SftR 034: Jaclyn Fischer—from Trucklife to Vanlife

After completing a year of community college and having no idea what major to pursue, Jaclyn decided to go on her first solo backpacking trip to Italy. After that, she was hooked.

After exploring outside of the US, Jaclyn yearned to explore the national parks and beauty within the country, and also to meet like-minded people and those who had inspired her along the way.

SftR 033: Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted

Kelsey Henry is a singer/songwriter, podcaster, and digital nomad from Texas. She is the host of The Positively Delighted Show podcast and blogs about positivity at

From ages 11-17, she traveled full time in an RV with her parents, documenting her adventures of travel and roadschooling through music. She recently released her latest album, “Music & Lyrics”, which features the song “Travel Junkie” and “Free”, inspired by her roadschool upbringing.

SftR 032: Mandy Holesh from 188sqft

Kevin and Mandy are full-time RVers—Kev is an app developer and Mandy is a photographer and metalsmith.

They live with their four pets in a new toyhauler that they ripped to the studs and renovated with their own four hands. The pets didn’t even lift a paw to help…

SftR 031: JP Smith from Xscapers

JP has been on the move full-time for almost 20 years, working as a tour guide around the world and specializing in the national parks of America.

His travels have taken him to more than 75 countries and all 7 continents. An adventurer at heart, he’s walked across Spain, sailed the Virgin Islands, and ridden a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina.

About 5 years ago JP started living in a motorhome between trips as a tour guide. He now lives full-time in his motorhome, traveling the country organizing convergences for Xscapers.

SftR 030: John and Brenda from GeoAstroRV

John & Brenda Nejedlo sold their sticks and bricks home and are now full-time RVers based out of Livingston, Texas. Before that, John was a police officer turned science teacher, while Brenda was a private voice and piano teacher.

Their plan is to travel—giving free day and night astronomy presentations while they slowly get to see North America.

SftR 029: Camille Attell from More Than a Wheelin'

Camille’s grandparents taught her to “go to school, get a job, and buy a house”—which is exactly what she did until she walked away from a twenty year career in corporate America.

In the past two years, she and her husband, Bryce, have been full-time RV nomads, traveled 24,000 miles, and visited 30 states—all while learning how to create income streams, re-invent themselves, and stay married in 240 square feet.

SftR 028: Stephen and Courtney from Out of Office Family

Stephen and Courtney sold their home and 95% of their belongings and started full-time RVing. Along with their two and four year old, they are traveling the United States for the next year, learning to embrace minimalism and tiny living

SftR 027: Sean and Julie from Chickery's Travels

Sean and Julie Chickery are a perpetual travelers who are currently exploring the country in their Fifth Wheel. After serving 20 years in the US Air Force, they knew they wanted to keep moving and experience even more of this beautiful nation. Enjoying slow travel, they spend 1 -2 months per location—fully experiencing the local area.

SftR 026: Mike and Megan from Knorpp and South

In May of 2016, Mike and Megan Knorpp decided to get rid of everything and hit the road with their nine kids. They traveled the US for a year in their converted Jayco fifth wheel and had some amazing adventures along the way. After a year of RV travel, the Knorpps decided to make another big shift and take their travels international. They bought one-way tickets to Paris and took the whole family on another adventure through Europe and North Africa. They are now back in the states and looking forward to more adventures with their large brood.

SftR 025: Jeremy and Stephanie from RV Family Travel Atlas

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi are the co-hosts of the RV Family Travel Atlas and Campground of the Week podcasts, which have been downloaded over 2 million times. They have appeared on television numerous times as spokesmen for Go RVing. They are also the co-authors of Idiots Guide: RV Vacations, which is available wherever books are sold. The Puglisis spend over 100 nights a year traveling in their Jayco Octane Toy Hauler with their three sons Max, Theo, and Wes—and Maggie the Camping Dog.

SftR 024: Kerensa and Brandon of RV to Freedom

Kerensa Durr & Brandon Hatcher hit the road in January of 2014 and haven’t looked back. They spend their time finding regional foods, exploring cool places to dive, and meeting other RVers. After years of enjoying their freedom exploring the US in their RV, they wanted to help others learn the ropes of full-timing at and with their course Roadmap to Full-Time RVing.

SftR 023: Jessie and Corey Nickerson of Finding our Someday

The Nickersons: Corey, Jessie, Lily, and Leila, sold their home in 2017 and moved into a travel trailer full-time. Corey, a veteran and photographer, and Jessie, who used to run a spray-tan business out of their home, decided their family needed a change—traveling and exploring the country and connecting with people on the road. They want to show the world that their “someday” is possible right now.

SftR 022: Crystal Seay's Journey to Pay Down Debt by Living Simply

Looking to become debt-free and inspired by the tiny home movement, Crystal Seay downsized her family’s life and hit the road in an RV. Their renovated 36-foot fifth wheel is their “tiny dream home,”  and now Crystal, her husband Paul, and two children travel the country chasing adventure, living simply, and paying off their debt.

SftR 021: Sam and Brendan of Life Among Pines

Brendan and Sam Binger are a couple in their twenties, traveling through America full-time in their RV. They work from the road while exploring all of the incredible sights, places, and experiences that the US has to offer.

StfR 020: Jon and Nadia—the Roaming Remodelers

Jon and Nadia are full-time RVers and food lovers who have set out on a journey to design a lifestyle of adventure, discovery, and learning. Prior to setting out on their journey, Jonathan worked in sales, while Nadia was a former teacher and, eventually, a marketing professional. Knowing they yearned to travel while building businesses that enabled the lifestyle, they decided to commit fully to pursuing their passions and chasing their dreams. Today, you are bound to find Jon with a camera in-hand, and Nadia creating illustrations, presentations, and many other digital assets—while simultaneously enjoying a fine cheese and a glass of wine.

SftR 019: Kelly Beasley, the RV Chickadee

Kelly left suburbia back in 2015. With a house too big for her and her two tiny dogs, and a life that had felt stale years prior, she found herself totally free to live a nomadic life. An exclusive boondocker, she’s loving the wide open spaces out west. Chasing the good weather is a requirement. Work is her primary daily routine, but exploring is a big part of this lifestyle and she hikes and explores nearby towns whenever possible.

SftR 018: Scott Pellegrom, Touring Percussionist

Scott Pellegrom has become one of the leading innovators for the next generation of drumming. Since performing live at the age of five, he has transformed from a natural born rhythmist to an international performer and clinician.  While he’s been a camping and RV enthusiast for a long time, he’s recently moved into a Class B RV—allowing him to travel to tour dates and actually give drum lessons in the RV.

SftR: 017: David Lee—The RV Jedeye

David Lee, the RV Jedeye, got his nickname for his love of all things Star Wars (with the exception of Episodes 1-3) and his new-found love of RVing. As a solo traveler, he’s made a commitment to get out on the road twice a month—a true “Weekend Warrior.” The reason why he’s sharing his journey—to pay it forward. “I watched a lot of videos when I was thinking about getting my RV and renovating it, so I wanted to share and in a way say thanks to all those who came before me.”

all the places 2 go

SftR 016: All the Places 2 Go

This photography-focused family moved from the island life of the Caymans to a life on the road in the US. Cruising in an Airstream, these four love visiting capital cities and state parks. They (all of them!) talked to us about their upcoming trip to Alaska, getting their rig into those hard-to-reach places like Hawaii, and life as three women and a man (plus a cat) in a small, metal RV.

moving forward adventures

SftR 015: Kenny and Sabrina Phillips of Moving Forward Adventures

What started as an experiment in downsizing became a lifetime of adventure. Kenny and Sabrina Phillips are full-time RVers, keeping up with Sabrina’s road-based work-life. They sat with us to talk about the luck of their Winnebago, developing a deeper relationship on the road, and how downsizing starts with throwing away your socks.

larissa runkle

SftR 014: Larrisa Runkle - A Writer on the Road

RVs aren’t the only way to travel the country full-time. Larissa Runkle is opting even smaller, outfitting a camper van and alternating between national parks and events for her life on the road. She talked to us about the challenges she has faced building the van, how bare minimalism helps her focus, and her best advice for jumping into this with someone else along for the ride.

keith sims soulful rv family

SftR 013: Keith Sims from the Soulful RV Family

Keith Sims—plus his wife and three boys—spends about half of every year on the road. He talks to us about how his wife talked him (a big man and retired football player) into getting an RV, using it to enrich his kids’ homeschooling experience, and being an African-American in the RV community.

SftR 012: Craig and Bryanna from Crazy Family Adventure

They don’t use the word “hippies,” but Craig and Bryanna—the parents behind Crazy Family Adventure—may fit the modern bill. Along with their four kids and two dogs, they travel the country, roaming freely, and taking in all the sights. They talked to us about traveling with kids and keeping them socialized, some of their favorite locations, and juggling entrepreneurship on the road.

StfR 011: Joe Hendricks, Photographer and Photography Coach

Joe Hendricks is a landscape photographer, so the RV lifestyle suits him perfectly. After a long and winding road to getting out there in a brand new Airstream, Joe and his family have since moved back into a traditional home—but not for good. Joe sat with us to talk about photography, traveling with loved ones, bringing important life lessons back into the household, and why traveling will always be part of his life.

pheribee abigail schilling

StfR 010: Abigail Schilling of Pheribee

There’s something to be said for real solitude. That’s the approach Abigail Schilling takes on the road, full-timing in her 1966 Kit Companion trailer. She’s a serial entrepreneur, but very much embodies the “work to live” mentality in every job and business. She sat with us to talk about being a solo traveler, letting nature heal some health issues, and how her RV, “Pheribee,” does after all these years.

heath padgett

SftR 009: Heath Padgett of The RV Entrepreneur

Heath Padgett—along with his wife, Alyssa—is one of the best known full-time RVers on the road today. Now, they put on the RV Entrepreneur Summit, write, vlog, and host a podcast, plus a number of other noteworthy activities. Heath sat with us to dish about getting to where they are today, being influential to new road warriors, and changing the future of RVing.

Stories From The Road - Liz and Ed Wilcox

StfR 008: Liz and Ed Wilcox from The Virtual Campground

Ed and Liz Wilcox haven’t been on the road long, but they’re no strangers to the RV lifestyle—they lived stationary in their travel trailer full-time for over a year. Now, they’re RV entrepreneurs. They talk about the fateful day that led them to their motorhome, some struggles they’ve faced since, and how to keep it all in perspective.

From Paris To Roam Podcast

SftR 007: Kevin and Maria of From Paris to Roam

Everyone has to start somewhere. Kevin and Maria Sipe have only been full-time RVing for several weeks. Yet they still have dozens of stories, amazing experiences, and plenty of happiness already. We talked to them about taking that giant leap into a life on the road, the steps they’re taking to reach financial freedom, and how they’re each taking to a new lifestyle.

pete and jordan

SftR 006: Pete and Jordan from

Pete and Jordan are a pair of road-warrior entrepreneurs, and founders of Quarter for Your Crisis. QFYC helps others find purpose through both their work and their lives, creating community, conversation, and courses to guide you in your journey. We talked to them about finding the road and getting away from a corporate mindset. They broke down what a quarter-life crisis means to them, how it impacts other Millennials, and minimalism.

SftR 005: Dan and Lindsay from Follow Your Detour

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie were on their way to living the “American Dream,” when they got bad news. Instead of letting it rule them, they took a detour. Then another. Now, they’re following their detour (and documenting every step via their blog Follow Your Detour), and encouraging others to hit the road as well. They talk with us about what led them to find their own path, helping others get out of debt, and what the future looks like for Follow Your Detour.

SftR 004: Trent and Siobhan of Everyday Family Adventure

Trent and Siobhán are a pair of modern-day traveling minstrels: musicians that travel the country in an RV, playing at churches and living the life they always dreamed of. While that’s a story in itself, theirs is even crazier because they also share the space with their five (yes, five) boys. Host Sam talks to them about just what makes their lifestyle an adventure, as a family, every single day.

SftR 003: Adam and Lindsey from Nuventure Travels

The RV lifestyle extends well beyond the borders of the United States. There’s no better example of that than Lindsey and Adam Nubern. They spend their lives traveling in an RV—not just in the US, but internationally. In fact, Lindsey wrote the book on RVing in New Zealand. Listen in as they share dozens of stories, laughs, and a couple warnings about what it’s like to live a life of freedom.

SftR 002: Ben and Becca from Family Fulfillment Project

Ben and Becca were living the American Dream: a family of four in a beautiful house, a great job, and friends. But they never saw one another, and they decided that was no way for them to live. After they sold off most of their possessions, they hit the road in a travel trailer RV. Now, they’re the Family Fulfillment Project. They talk with Sam about the great changes they’ve seen since diving in full-time, the challenges of RV living with a large family, and the many joys they’re experiencing.

SftR 001: Kevin and Mandy Holesh from 188sqft

Most studio apartments in cities are larger than 188 square feet. When you hear that Kevin and Mandy live full-time in their 188-square-foot fifth wheel RV it might sound crazy. Add in their two cats and two dogs-well, it might sound cramped. Yet they’ve been living on the road for years, and they’ve found that it has impacted their lives in all kinds of positive ways. Listen in for their experiences, ways they renovated their rig, ideas for living small, and advice for hitting the road yourself.