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Having a pet with you while you camp can be a really enjoyable thing. Your pets are part of your family and you’ll want to take them with you on adventures, but do they really fit in your RV? 

RVs are designed for people not dogs, cats, and other pets. With that said, you can still, of course, bring them along with you. One thing you’ll have to figure out, though, is where you want to put your pet’s bed inside your RV.

Finding the Right Spot for Your Pet

dog sleeping

The right spot for your pet will depend on two things. Your pet and your RV. Some RVs are more spacious than others. Some pets are fine to be put off in the corner while others like to be right where everyone is sitting. Think about your rig and your pet. Where you’d like your pet to go won’t always end up working out quite right.

My dog, for example, wants to be right where I or other people are all of the time. She won’t go off and lay by herself in the corner of the RV. I found that putting her bed under the dinette when we’re not eating is a good solution. This allows her to be right in the middle of the RV and able to see and be close to everyone.

If that doesn’t sound like it will work for you, consider putting your pet’s bed in a bedroom. This can work especially well if you have a pet that likes to go off and lay by themselves.

If neither of these situations will work, take a closer look at your rig. Is there an area that you think will work? If so, give it a try. If not, you may need to think about making some changes to your rig.

Consider Altering or Adding Furniture

end table pet kennel

I’m not talking a full remodel here, but you may want to think about either adding a piece of furniture or altering the furniture in your RV so that your pet can have a bed or a place to go.

If you have the room and you just want to add a piece of furniture to your rig, then consider an end table that doubles as a pet kennel. You can put your dog’s pillow or bed inside the kennel and that can be their spot. 

Another option is to make adjustments to the furniture in your rig. Many beds in RVs have storage space underneath them. With a little work, a portion of that space can be converted into a sleeping area for your dog. Another good option, depending on the size of your dog is the space under the dinette seat. This area is often used just as a storage space, but with a little work, you can turn it into an area for your pet.

You can always let your dog simply sleep on the couch or floor, but I’ve found it’s best to give them a designated space that is theirs. It makes them feel more at home and keeps them from being underfoot all the time.

How do you RV with your pets? Where do they sleep or lounge around? Leave a comment below.

Where should you put your pet's bed in your RV?

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  1. My pet is a dog, he is under 20lbs. And his name is Recreation Vehicle, “RV” for short. RV is free to move about the trailer, I just block his view at the door so he doesn’t have any interest in blocking the doorway.

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