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The holiday season is the perfect time to help the camp cooks in your life stock up on great accessories to make amazing meals outdoors. Whether they’re a fan of cooking over the open fire or prefer to keep their food on the grill, the right tools can make meal prep and cooking easy and fun. We’ve pulled together some fantastic gift options for all those who love camping cooking.

Bayou Classic® 10, 12, and 14-in Cast Iron Skillet Set

Bayou Classic® 10, 12, and 14-in Cast Iron Skillet SetCast iron skillets are one of the most useful pieces of camp cooking equipment you can own. You can use them on the grill, over the campfire, in an oven, or on a stove. Once they’re properly seasoned they become nonstick and are easily cleaned. This set gives you three sizes so you can make delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner all while enjoying the outdoors.

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Thinstore Collapsible Bowls

Thinstore Collapsible BowlsThese collapsible bowls are great for preparing, storing, and serving food. They’re portable and don’t take up much space, which is always important when you’re packing to go camping. Once you arrive at the campsite, simply pop the bowls out and start mixing up your tasty meal! Leak-resistant lids make it easy to store liquids without worrying about the mess. When you’re done using them, just collapse the bowls and slip them back into storage. You may find yourself using them at home as well as at the campground!

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Folding Aluminum Grill Table

Folding Aluminum Grill TableHave a portable grill but are missing a convenient prep area? This Folding Aluminum Grill Table has everything you need to prepare a feast at the campsite. The heat resistant aluminum top can hold a portable grill, while the fold-out sides are great prepping or serving spaces. It even has a bottom storage rack, a paper towel rack, and hooks to hang all your utensils so you can keep your prep area organized.

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Stromberg Carlson Open Fire Stake & Grill

Stromberg Carlson Open Fire Stake & GrillThis Stromberg Carlson Open Fire Stake & Grill lets you cook right over the fire while you’re camping. Drive the stake into the ground next to the fire and attach the grate with the locking handle to keep it in place at the desired height. It’s perfect for grilling burgers and hot dogs, making coffee, or using with cast iron skillets. It’s a simple tool, but it makes cooking over a fire a breeze.

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Comfort Grip 7” Chef Knife

Comfort Grip 7” Chef KnifeEvery good cook needs a great chef knife. The Comfort Grip Chef Knife is the perfect knife to take with you while camping. The protective blade cover keeps the edge from getting dull in storage, and the seven-inch blade makes this knife incredibly versatile and a great tool for chopping, mincing, and dicing all your ingredients. It’s a great all-purpose knife that is the perfect addition to your camp cooking supplies.

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Collapsible Tub

Collapsible TubIt looks simple, but this tub is so versatile and helpful when cooking at a campsite. It’s the perfect way to wash dishes and clean up after cooking your camping feast. If you’re trying to conserve water, this size of tub makes a great makeshift sink. Or you can use it to hold food or supplies. The raised feet allow for water to flow underneath it, and it easily collapses for compact storage which makes it great for camping whether you’re in a tent or RV.

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Bayou Classic®8-qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Feet

Bayou Classic®8-qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven With FeetA dutch oven is another one of those must-have camp cooking tools. It’s perfect for slow cooking and baking outdoors. You can use it over a wood fire, or with charcoal briquettes on the top and bottom to create an oven-like cooking atmosphere for baking. It’s great for making cinnamon buns for breakfast or stews for dinner after enjoying the day outdoors.

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Hot Spot Notebook Charcoal Grill

Hot Spot Notebook Charcoal GrillThis portable grill is perfect when you don’t have a ton of space but still want to grill over charcoal while camping. The grill folds flat and comes with a carrying case for easy portability while traveling. It quickly pops out to a 14” tall charcoal grill. Simply unfold, add the charcoal holder and charcoal, and light. You’ll be grilling delicious meals at your campsite in no time.

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