How To Install A New ADCO RV Cover 1646

Wistia video thumbnail - ADCO RV Cover Installation

Follow these step by step instructions for properly installing an RV Cover.

• Locate the front of the cover (Un-buckle any buckles that came connected from the factory)
• Fold the cover inside out, and then roll the cover up from BACK to FRONT
• Place the cover on the roof at the FRONT of the RV, and unroll the cover
• If you properly folded the cover inside out, the sides will begin to fall into place
• Pad all sharp edges! (Especially the rain gutters, stairs and bottom corners)
• Attach the “Weighted Toss-unders” and throw the buckles under the RV to the other side
• Disconnect the weights, and connect the buckles
• Connect the FRONT and REAR buckles to remove slack from the cover and ensure a snug fit

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