How To Install A New ADCO RV Cover 1999

Follow these step by step instructions for properly installing an RV Cover.
  1. Locate the front of the cover (Un-buckle any buckles that came connected from the factory).
  2. Fold the cover inside out, and then roll the cover-up from BACK to FRONT.
  3. Place the cover on the roof at the FRONT of the RV, and unroll the cover.
  4. If you properly folded the cover inside out, the sides will begin to fall into place
  5. Pad all sharp edges! (Especially the rain gutters, stairs, and bottom corners).
  6. Attach the “Weighted Toss-under” and throw the buckles under the RV to the other side.
  7. Disconnect the weights, and connect the buckles.
  8. Connect the FRONT and REAR buckles to remove slack from the cover and ensure a snug fit.

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